Galbreath roll off truck and roll off trailer parts for sale at BENLEE: in stock

Galbreath roll off truck and Galbreath roll off trailer parts are for sale at BENLEE. Call 734-722-8100. You can also buy 24/7 online at Galbreath roll off truck and trailer parts.

Galbreath Roll off truck and trailer parts

Galbreath remains the #1 roll off hoist in the trash industry. Now owned by Wastebuilt, they supply much of the industry with hoists. BENLEE has fast become the supplier to the same industry with Galbreath spare parts, which of course also includes Pioneer tarp systems and parts. Importantly, BENLEE has a team that moves fast, efficiently, and accurately. This means two things to Galbreath customers. Great service and great price. Moreover, this means 99%+ orders we get by 3:30 PM ship the same day.

Importantly, that means if is like having a Galbreath distributor near me, because the UPS service we use can get the parts to you the next morning anywhere in the United States. Also, since we work fast and efficiently, we are confident we are “low cost producer” yet with the best quality of service. We match this low cost with offering our customers the best prices.

Roll off container rollers, Nose Rollers, and ground rollers

Roll offs, roll off boxes, dumpsters of course need regular maintenance. As part of our commitment to the waste, sentimental, demolition and recycling industry our full service includes parts for roll off bins. Again, we stock these parts for same day shipment. This means if you are looking for nose rollers, you can buy the most popular one right now: Roll off nose roller. Of course you can get ground rollers as well and you can buy the Roll off ground roller.

Roll off straps, roll off container straps, roll off dumpster straps, tie down straps

Roll off container straps are the #1 wear item on roll off trucks. BENLEE stocks a full line of roll off dumpster straps. Roll off straps, roll off container straps. Again we are full service. This means we have the right straps and hooks for you. If you are in the waste industry which carries lighter loads than the scrap metal recycling industry, we have the roll off straps for you: Roll off straps for the waste industry.

If you need straps for the scrap metal industry, BENLEE standard OEM strap has a 48,000 lb. break strength product. This is more than double the commonly used roll off strap. They are in stock for same day shipment and you can buy them now: Roll off strap: 48,000 lb.

Roll off rollers, side rollers, roller assembly

Side rollers are another major wear items. In most cases, people replace the complete assembly on Galbreath trucks and trailers. Of course, we have those major units in stock, again for same day shipment. Galbreath 386AO 3″ side roller assembly, is the #1 selling item on our BENLEE parts store. This is closely followed by Galbreath 381AO 4″ roll off truck roller assembly. Both in stock and both ready to ship the same day! Of course, as an example if you want to just replace a roller, we stock and sell both 3″ and 4″ rollers. With the 3″ being more popular, here is where to buy it now: Galbreath 521AO 3″ roller.

Roll off truck fenders

Roll off truck fenders are yet another major item that we replace. Galbreath is known for their plastic fenders, with the #1 selling fender being Galbreath End Fender 80PP27B.  Yes they are light, but we sure sell a lot of them. Of course, on BENLEE roll off trailers and trucks you can get plastic or even stainless steel fenders, out standard is steel that lasts longer! Also, we sell the center section fender: Galbreath Fender A4917 Center.

Roll off cables

Roll off cable wear and break. Safety is a key issue when it comes to roll off cables. When you see even the slightest fray you should replace the cable. Again, we have a full inventory of cables. There is no question that the most common cable is the 80′, which you can buy right now: Galbreath roll off truck cable 80′. It is important to mention that we have many sizes of cable all in stock and ready to go.

Cable pullet assembly 2316W

Another major wear item is the main Galbreath roll off truck cable pulley assembly 2316W. Like other items we have these in stock for same day shipment. Of course, as mentioned, you can call 734-722-8100 to order these. The great news is, if you grease these units, it will help the bushings last longer, so this will lower cost and increase uptime.

Hydraulic Valve parts and air parts

Hydraulics are another key part of these hoists. Again, we stock a full line of parts. Galbreath A3640 Valve handle housing assembly is the #1 seller for our Galbreath hydraulics.  Another popular part is the Galbreath 1543 Air control 2 spool valve. Of course, it is in stock and ready to go the day you order the parts.

Roll off trailers at BENLEE

You are on this page because we are a major dealer, distributor of parts, but we are also the #1 seller of roll off trailers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Roll off trailers by BENLEE is the place to see our full line of trailers. Our #1 selling trailer is for the long haul environmental industry, which is our two container trailer, which a are two box trailers. Two Container roll off trailers are great for those long hauls.

Many say that if you are going over 100 miles, these are the trailers to use. The are heavy duty, but light, so you can carry the most weight. While most in the U.S. are sold as tandem axle trailers, in Canada we sell mostly triaxle two box roll off trailers.

Gondola Trailers

Gondola Trailers by BENLEE, are another one of our products. Of course, in Canada, these are called tin scows, or scrap haulers, these are great units. While some make these gondola trailers with ‘mild steel’ walls and floors, almost all trailers we manufacture use Hardox (TM) for the walls and floors. This makes them heavy duty, but light. Most of the time we stock these gondolas in 48′ long, 8′ high walls, painted black. Also, if you want a tarp system, we can add that in a few days, so you get quick shipment! Call us at 734-722-8100 for a quote.

Lugger Trucks, Huge Haul and Heil

Lugger trucks by BENLEE are also the old Heil lugger trucks and Huge Haul. BENLEE acquired Huge Haul, who had acquired Heil’s lugger truck line. Call us today to a quote at 734-722-8100. Our product line goes back to the original patent of the lugger in the 1930s by Brooks Equipment and the Load Lugger (TM), product that is a BENLEE trademark. ACE, Converto and Universal are all knock offs of our product line!

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