Double box roll-off trailer at BENLEE

Double box roll-off trailers are for sale at BENLEE. Call 734-722-8100 for a quote. You can also request a quote online at: Request for quote. Furthermore, you can get a technical overview for these units at: Double box roll-off. Why get a two container unit? These are great units for caring two boxes which is can be a key need if you are going over 100 miles. When carrying hazardous waste, or hazardous material to a Hazmat dump, these are the units to use.

Double box roll-off trailer for sale at BENLEE

Moreover, some people call these vehicles, rocket launchers, or two container roll off trailer. This model is an important part of our product line. Also, we work have to keep these units in stock so that if you need one, it is ready to go! Of course, you can also stop by BENLEE and visit us to see our production and or actually pick up a unit! Importantly, these are optimized for low weight by are heavy duty with high uptime and low owning and operating costs.

Front shuttle system

Breaking front winch cables is a big problem for these two box trailers. BENLEE’s exclusive front shuttle system stops this problem. The shuttle system keeps constant tension so that the cable is not stressed. Therefore, the shuttle gives this roll-off cable a much longer live, giving this unit a higher uptime and lower cost to operate. Dragon roll off trailers have a wear problem on the front cable. This system eliminate that problem.

Main cable assist

The main cable on these units is a hassle to bring back to the rear, after you have picked up the first box. You can put the winch in free mode and pull, of put slack on the cable with the cylinder. At BENLEE we have an assist cable that is run by the main cylinder that brings the cable to the rear position.

Hydraulic hoses and steel lines

Moreover, all the hydraulic lines are 1″, with all the other guys being 3/4″. Also, this gives our vehicles longer life lines and the ability for oil to flow more freely. Related all our steel lines are plated with Trivalent Chromium, for anti corrosion and paint adherence. Also, almost all others use 2,000 PSI lines. We use 3,000 PSI, which again, brings longer life, making the vehicles we sell heavy duty and high quality.

Tie down winch straps

Others use 20,000 lbs. tie down straps. BENLEE sews together 2 (two) 24,000 lb. straps. makes our straps, 48,000 lb. breaking strength and 15,840 working load. Related, this makes us #1 in the industry like many other things with the standard roll-off rail trailers.

Parts Store

Also, buy parts online now for your units: Roll-off parts store, or call 734-722-8100. You can even buy Dragon parts here: Dragon Parts department.

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