BENLEE Corporate Overview


Four Key Principles - SAFETY #1

BENLEE History

-Bill Wolok (BENLEE Founder) began working in the Scrap Industry

-Bill began buying and reselling Roll Off Trailers

-Bill had his first Roll Off Trailer made to his specifications and established a Service and Parts operation

-Moved to 12 acre site, with 33,000 square feet, expanded Service and Parts operation, established a manufacturing facility

-Bill remained with BENLEE, Greg Brown became owner, began new investments in Product Development, Plant, Equipment, Telecommunications, Inventory, Computer Systems/Software

-Largest single Roll Off contract in BENLEE history, shipped trailer to 47th State in U.S., implemented major new manufacturing software

-Opened Industry’s first On-Line Parts Store, launched Continuous Improvement Program, implemented new software to optimize weight and strength of units, developed the Super Mini

-Developed New Two Box-Faster, lighter, stronger

-BridgeMaster sales take off due to light, but strong and 80,000GVW

BENLEE has record year of revenue and shipments and launches Dead Pup product line

A Solid Market Leader that Stands Behind its Product


Located in Romulus, MI (few miles West of Detroit), ½ Mile from I-94, near I-75 and 1 mile from Detroit Metro Airport

20,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing new Trailers/Trucks
10,000 sq. ft. Service/Rebuild, Frame Straightening & Parts Operation
3,000 sq. ft. Engineering, Sales and Administration

Two ‘Heat Free’ Frame Straightening Bays

Seven Service and Rebuilding Bays

Design, Build and Service Company, Supporting the Market

BENLEE – Three Integrated Teams Serving the Market

  1. Designer, Manufacturer and Reseller
    -Full line of New Trailers and Trucks for multiple markets
    -Full line of roll off boxes for Scrap, Demo, Environmental, Trash
    -Used/Reconditioned vehicles, Containers through partners
  2. Service, Rebuilding, Frame Straightening Operation
    -We Service what we sell, as well as repair/upgrade competitors’ vehicles and excel at Total Rebuilding of Roll off Trailers
    -What we learn about our customers and products, we incorporate into new and upgraded products
  3. Parts
    -Nationally recognized as the leader in Availability and Responsiveness for BENLEE and competitors’ products
    -Parts catalog and On-Line Store at

One Comprehensive Computerized Inventory Speeds Builds and Ensure Outstanding Parts Availability


Roll Off Trailers -2 to 8 Axles
-Super Mini and Super Mini Long
-Bridge Master
-Conventional-2-8 Axle
-Two Box
-Drop Deck
-Pups – Live and Dead

Roll Off Trucks – Customer or BENLEE provided straight truck
-Add Axles, Hydraulics, Hoist assembly, etc.

Three Sided Crushed Car Trailers

Dump Trucks and Dump Trailers

Open Top Trailers – 48′-53′ x 102″, 96″ High Frameless

Custom Trucks/Trailers

Containers – Full Line/Custom, with high quality & value partners

Full Product Line to Meet the
Industry Needs Markets We Serve

Scrap Metal/Recycling Industry, including glass, paper, electronics


Environmental Services





Specialty Markets

Member of ISRI and NTEA Ensures Market Knowledge

How We Serve the Market

Direct Factory Sales (Select Dealers)

  • Application Engineering to meet your specific needs Support analysis of Federal/State/Local regulations
  • Comprehensive Website allows for real time technical discussions via phone while viewing specifications/photos
  • Hours M-F 6:00AM-5:00PM EST, Web store open 24/7 and 24/7 Help line-supports all N.A. and Intl. time zones
  • Accept orders via Internet, Fax, Phone, Counter-Ship Same Day
  • On-Line Parts Store and Parts Catalog for 24/7 Support

Serve Canada, U.S., Mexico and International Markets

Competitive Rate and Fast Financing Available

BENLEE/Premier Truck Sales-Rent New or Late Model units

Dedicated Team Ready to Meet your Needs

Quality – Along with Safety is Key to our Business

Quality Inspections done throughout the build Process

New Employees are teamed with Experienced team members

Launch meetings held before the building each unit

Doubled lighting level/reduced shadows in Plant

Only World Class suppliers used; always looking for upgrades

Assembly and Final Inspection check lists

100% Computerized designs & Computer Modeling: Optimize weight

Feedback from Service Team allows for ongoing product upgrades

Extreme Customer Applications (60+ Ton lift) ensures highest Quality

BENLEE Major Customers - Own 10-40+ BENLEE units

Berner Trucking
Clean Harbors
Cohen Brothers
Commercial Metals Company (CMC)
Rain For Rent
US Ecology
David Joseph Companies (DJJ)
Ferrous Processing
Gershow Recycling
Integrated Logistics Services (ILSI)
Newell Recycling
North South Trucking

Padnos Iron and Metal
Premier Truck Sales
Queen City Metals
Republic Waste
RCI-Hanford Site
Shapiro Recycling
Sims/Metal Management
Stone Transportation
Southern Scrap
Technical Logistics Corp (TLC)
Tennessee Valley Recycling
Total Metal Services Trucking (TMS)
Triad Transport
Waste Management

Diverse Customer Base Brings Knowledge and Support for All

Recent BENLEE Roll Off and Other Product Upgrades/Improvements

  1. Upgraded to Chromium Trivalent plated Hydraulic steel tubing
    Benefit-Corrosion resistance and paint adhesion
  2. Reduced 50% of ‘Neck’ hydraulic connections, added flexible lines, reduced ‘turns’
    Benefit-Reduces maintenance costs/leaks, increases speed of hydraulic system
  3. Upgraded hydraulic hose to “Tough Cover” Parker 3000 lb, from 2000 lb Weatherhead
    Benefit-Longer life-Oil/weather/abrasion resistance; reduces maintenance costs
  4. Reduced size of Spring “pod”
    Benefit-Improves integrity of welds
  5. Upgraded support structure for Steel Fenders
    Benefit-Longer structural life of product
  6. Added ‘split loom’ to rear wiring harness, in & above bumper
    Benefit-Improves life of wiring harness
  7. Developed support bracket for rear wiring harness, to reduce wear on harness
    Benefit-Improves life of wiring harness
  8. Increased size of front rollers
    Benefit-Allows wider variance of boxes, aids in stability of Intermittent Stop over roller
  9. Led Industry in Drop Arm design for Tarp System
    Benefit-Keeps arms out of the way of poorly aligned boxes
  10. Added on board cradle for ‘Intermittent’ Stops
    Benefit-Makes ‘Stop’ easily accessible and reduces lost Stops
  11. Added secondary in-line air filter on ABS lines
    Benefit-Allows for extra 1 year or 100,000 mile ABS warranty
  12. Added “Spring Loaded” control for brakes, in control area (Std. for 4 Axle and under)
    Benefit-Increases Safety margin & reduces process step-load/unload. Optional 5+ Axles
  13. Redesigned Roll off tail, to allow for dirt/waste ‘fall’ off
    Benefit-Less corrosion and less ‘mess’
  14. Redesigned attachment of Mark V landing gear-all bolt on, from bolt/weld
    Benefit-Ease/Faster Maintenance
  15. Upgraded material used for Ratchet/Winch Handle/Bar
    Benefit-Longer Life, more leverage
  16. Tack weld bolts holding ICC Bumper cylinder
    Benefit-Less maintenance
  17. Relocated Document Holder to protected area
    Benefit-Keeps documents better protected from weather
  18. Upgraded to use of 24′ lengths of Hydraulic Tubing (from 20′)
    Benefit-Reduces maintenance costs/leaks
  19. Added internal grooves for grease in bronze bushings for Rollers (Sheaves had them)
    Benefit-Allows more grease in bushings-longer life rollers
  20. Added end caps to tubes for tarp system
    Benefit-Keeps dirt and water out of tubes-longer life system
  21. Added a sleeve to high pressure pipe from valve going through front King Pin Plate
    Benefit-Allows easy removal of main valve vs. previous need to cut out pipe
  22. Added WHEEL-CHECK-Loose Wheel Nut Indicators placed on all wheels
    Benefit-Quickly check for loose nuts-Increases uptime, reduces re-torquing, reduces wheel damage
  23. Redesigned lift axle controls
    Benefit-Streamlined system less parts, lower maintenance and faster lift & lower speed-saves time
  24. Added FAST-FLAP- mud flap attachment system
    Benefit-Cost and Maintenance Savings as well we reduced DOT violations
  25. Added Grease Zerks in king pin plate
    Benefit-Easy greasing, lower cost maintenance and longer plate life
  26. Added the use of synthetic grease for wheel bearings in axles
    Benefit-Longer life system and lower maintenance costs
  27. Added in line pressure gauge to main control valve
    Benefit-Allows for simple check of system, which increases uptime, reduces maintenance
  28. Upgraded to Beehive (cone shape) rear bumper side lights
    Benefit-Enhances view of rear of trailer for Safety
  29. Added protective cover on rear license plate light
    Benefit-Protects light for reduced maintenance costs and less DOT violations
  30. Added Hydraulic connection covers
    Benefit-Reduces the amount of debris introduced in hydraulic system
  31. Added Sliding Ratchet straps to “Stinger Tail” units
    Benefit-Easier installation for operator and longer strap life.
  32. Upgraded Multi-Axle Units to 12″ Upper frame tube
    Benefit-Enhanced strength and wear
  33. Upgraded Multi-Axle Units to 3″ rear hinge pin
    Benefit-Enhanced stability and wear
  34. Upgraded King pin plate to add stiffener
    Benefit-Enhanced stability
  35. Made 102″ Wide Axles Standard on tandem axle models.
    Benefit-Enhanced stability
  36. Upgraded paint from water based to oil based
    Benefit-Better finish more durable.
  37. Added Grease Point Indicator stickers to all grease points
    Benefit-Easier Maintenance, longer life.
  38. Added Brake System Certification to FMVSS 121 SECTION 5.3
    Benefit-Required by law
  39. Added Work Lights to all Tarp Systems
    Benefit – Safety Allows Driver to see during low light
  40. Added 12″x 12″ Safety Sign by Operator Station to be aware of dangers when raising hoist
    Benefit – Safety Driver Reminder
  41. Added Body Up Light
    Benefit – Added Safety Notifies Driver the Body is Up
  42. Gresen V 40 Control Valve – High Back Pressure Rating
    Benefit – Increased Uptime/Less Maintenance handles 3X the back pressure of others

Feedback from Major Rental Operation and Customers Brings Product Improvements-Increased Uptime

Service and Parts Operation

M-F 6:00AM-5:00PM++ EST
-24/7 Hotline for Emergencies, Parts and Trouble shooting

Critical repairs done “Immediately”
-Example: Broken cable gets “In and Out” (45 Minute) priority

Parts in stock for fast repairs and 99%+ Same Day Shipment, for BENLEE and most Competitors, Supports 24/27 Rapid Response
-Includes standard and hard to find Cylinders
-One of largest Hydraulic Cylinder distributors in North America
-Industry’s first Parts Catalog-available at
-Industry’s first On Line Store-available at

Services: Simple Brake jobs, to major overhaul/rebuilds, or just Preventive Maintenance-for BENLEE and all Competitors
-We know Roll offs/Dumps-Best Service-Quality, Cost

Two ‘Heat Free’ Frame Straightening Bays

Experienced Team to meet your Needs

Key Team Members

-Pres.-45 years Industrial Business experience

-Service and Parts-19 years; Mechanic

-Purchasing/Production Control-21 years

-Marketing and Sales 1 year

-CFO-8 years

-Manufacturing Engineer Team Leader-14 years

Significant Seniority brings: Quality, Support, Value

2005-2015 Company Upgrades

Improved Safety Program
-Result-Makes BENLEE a Safer and better place to be

Increased/Optimized Inventory levels
-Result-Shorter production cycle, 99%+ Same Day Shipment for Parts, faster repairs

Upgrading and updating all drawings/designs
-Result-Reduced errors, developing value added designs

Upgraded Computer System
-Result-Faster responses, reduced costs, Tracks Customers

Upgraded Facilities-Lighting, Phone System, Roads, etc.
-Result-Improved working environment, improved quality/ productivity/safety, energy reduction

Redesigned Website (, added Store and Catalog
-Result-Makes BENLEE easier to do business with Nationally, across all time zones

Began Weekly Staff and Daily Market oriented meetings
-Result-Faster response to customer issues

Established Visual Production Scheduling System
-Ability to view entire Trailer Production schedule
-Result-Easier to respond to urgent requests, improved manpower planning, faster production cycle time

Extended Support-Hours/Days-M-F 6:00AM-5:00PM EST and added 24/7 Support
-Result-Maximizes Customers’ Uptime and Support

Building on a good base
Goal: Improve Service, Quality, Customers' Uptime

Summary-Performance Driven

BENLEE: A Strong Company, Continuously getting Stronger & Faster

A Market leader – improving its Products, Services and Support

Support National market, by having Extended hours, 24/7 Help support, take fax orders and have comprehensive Internet site -Factory Direct to you

BENLEE experienced team adds major value to Customers and the Products we Sell

Parts Operation: 99%+ same day shipment, On-Line Parts Store

Quality & Decades of Support, brings Solid Resale Value

Safety is key to our Product and People

BENLEE-A Solid, Value Added Company
Dedicated to Improving our Customers' Uptime