Roll-Off Trailers for Sale at BENLEE

Roll-off trailers are for sale at BENLEE. See our website pages for all the standard models: Roll off trailer for U.S.   Canadian Products.

Roll-off trailer Conventional

The conventional is a heavy duty unit that in its 40′ version is able to be over permitted in New York for 102,000 GVW. We say it is like a Hummer. This trailer will pick up anything. While rated at 75,000 lbs., we know it can pick up over 100,000 lbs., which is not legal and should not be done. The downside is it weighs about 22,500 lbs. In standard models it comes in 29′ up to 44′, but for Michigan versions they are up to 50′ and 8 axles. Those legally pick up about 100,000 lbs.


The BridgeMaster is a heavy duty unit that we say is like a Ford F-250. For GM lovers, it is like a Sierra 2500! The wonderful thing is that it weighs about 6,000 lbs., less than the Conventional, so it carries 6,000 lbs. more. Also, this unit with its 80,000 GVW and 40′ only has two axles, which helps with the less weight. It is heavy duty, but it can only pick up about 60,000 lbs., which is illegal. Of course, this unit can carry anything from a 10 yard to an 80+ yard box. Important though, while it weighs a few hundred pounds more than a frameless roll off, it has a longer ‘bridge,’ so it carries more weight legally than frameless.

Roll off trailer Two Container

Furthermore, the BENLEE two container unit is great for long distances. Also, while some call it a double box trailer or even a rocket launcher, it carries two 24′ long boxes. Many say that if you are traveling over about one hundred miles, this is the trailer for you. It is made from thin, high strength steel, making it heavy duty, but light, so it carries a big load! Frankly, it is our #1 selling trailer. The main application is the hazmat environmental industry where loads must travel hundreds of miles. Importantly, we have some unique features like the front shuttle system that stops problematic cable breaking that you have with Dragon’s product.

Super Mini Long

This is a great vehicle that is significantly shorter than the 40′ units. At 33′ with a fixed tail or even 29′ with an extendable tail, it is GVW 77,500 lbs. with three axles. A short robust hauler. This short unit makes it more maneuverable to get into tight spots but carries that heavy load. The wonderful thing is that this shorter unit has the same axles, hose, rollers, control valves and more, as the 50′ 8 axle, 154,000 GVW units. Like the BridgeMaster this unit can carry 60,000 lbs., which is much more that you legally can carry. Call us for a quote on this great unit.

Roll-off trailer Super Mini

The Super Mini is one of our best-selling units. At only 25′ 11″ it is a heavy hauler that picks up 60,000 lbs. It is a great roll off truck replacement in that it is almost as short as a truck, but more maneuverable. Also, like our other units, this tandem axle, 25′ 11″ trailer has all the same axles, rollers, hose, control valve and more of our eight axle 154,000 GVW units. It is a short heavy hauler. Of course, the downside is you need a Class A driver’s license, but many of our customers have these drivers. Call us today at BENLEE for a quote.

Drop Deck

The drop deck is a great low profile trailer. It is great for liquids where you want to have a low center of gravity. Like many of our other trailers, in the 45′ version you can carry anything from a 10 yard to an 80+ yard box. These are flexible robust haulers ready to go to work for y0u. Of course, they can carry scrap metal, but as said, many use these for liquids. Moreover, they are light, but heavy duty so they are built to carry heavy loads! BENLEE manufacturers this trailer in the short “Mini” at 32′ but then up to 45′ units.

Roll-off trailers for Canada

Canadian roll off trailers are a key part of our product line at BENLEE we follow all the SPIF laws for all the units we sell. Of course, like the U.S., we follow the differences in the different Provinces. If you are in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta or more call us. Our products range from the 28′ Super Mini long, to the 40’+ trailers that are 3+ axles. Of course, you can get tarp systems from Roll Rite, Pioneer, and Aero and more. Like the units for the U.S. these are heavy duty units to carry major loads. Safety, high uptime and low owning and operating costs are what BENLEE is about. Call us for a quote.

Roll-off trailer parts and truck parts

Sadly, if you grease our units, they use extraordinarily little parts. Our rollers and sheaves, and pulleys have grease grooves, so they last a long time. That is one of the reasons we sell Galbreath, Galfab, American, Dragon, Palfinger and more, due to their parts wear out faster than the components at BENLEE. See our online parts store: Parts Store online. As written, we even have Galbreath parts, so here is the link to the: Galbreath store. Parts like 386AO, 381AO, 80PP27B and A3760 are in stock for same day shipment.

Tarp systems

Tarp systems are another product we sell. You can buy them online at the link in the section above or call 734-722-78100. Of course, you can stop by and pick up the parts you need at BENLEE 30383 Ecorse Rd., Romulus, MI., 48174. Roll-Rite, Pioneer, Aero, U.S Tarp, Donovan and more are all in stock at the best price and best service. All parts are robust, and the best quality money can buy for your hoist. 76760, 76770, 76800, 10200, 10122 are all in stock for same day shipment. Pioneer A3881KIT, HR4752 cylinder, HR4759 and the HR4719 rack gear cylinder are all in stock and ready to ship.

Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and more

Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and more are all important markets for us. We ship all over the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We even have units in Aruba and Ecuador! Call us for a quote.