Service and Repair Roll Trailers, Dump Trailer and Hoists

Roll off trailer repair, Dump Truck repair and more for more than 55 years. BENLEE has been one of the top names in manufacturing, sales, as well as repairing/servicing and rebuilding roll off trailers, roll off trucks and Dump Trailers and Trucks. BENLEE's 32,000 square foot, 19 acre facility services and rebuilds everything from roll off trucks and trailers to roll off containers and to roll off dump trailers and trucks. Our location sits in the heartland of manufacturing America, in Romulus, Michigan, near Detroit. We are located less than 2 miles from Detroit Metro Airport, a major hub for Delta airlines, which is also the crossroads of major U.S. Routes I 75 and I 94.

Garry Lee, our service manager with over 30 years of experience in building and repairing Heavy Duty Roll Off trailers, roll off hoists and dump trucks, has seen and repaired hundreds of trailers with his team of qualified mechanics and technicians. Our in-house manufacturing brings together a highly experienced crew of trailer and truck experts that design, build service and support the best roll off hoists and roll off trailers, roll off dump trailers, roll off dump trailers and trucks, as well as crushed car trailers and other specialty vehicles. For a complete listing of how BENLEE will rebuild your damage unit – CLICK HERE. We work on Pup Trailers, Gondola trailers, Open Top Trailers and Heavy duty roll off trailers.

We are also able to analyze and review used trailers and trucks for resale, as well as handle complex insurance claims to help a customer understand what the agent will need to get the trailer or truck back on the road and operational again. For a complete listing of how BENLEE will handle your insurance claim – CLICK HERE. We replace cables, fenders, rollers, sheaves, pulleys, Hydraulic cylinders, washer, pin, valves, tarps, tarp systems, arms, handles, tarp motors, switches and more. We work on Galbreath, Galfab, Dragon, American Roll off, Pitbull, Palfinger, Amrep, Roll offs USA, Converto, ACE, East and more. We have parts for Pioneer, Donovan, Dunright, Fleetcraft, Huge Haul, Heil, Load Lugger ™, Mountain Tarp, Coverall, O’Brian, Reyco, Tulsa, Tulsa Winch, Weatherhead, Holland, Roll-Rite, Aero, U.S. Tarp, Gresen, Parker, Meritor and more. We have roll off trailer parts, roll off hoist parts, Dump Truck parts. We even do cable replacement and hydraulic hose replacement on your roll off trailer while you wait.

Quality is a hallmark at BENLEE. Our service operation has seven service bays, including two Heat Free frame straightening bays, a National spare parts business (every roller, tarp, arm, motor, valve, pulley, hydraulic cylinder, etc. you need), and we are even able to provide a rental of trailer or truck (through Premier Truck Sales in Cleveland) if your unit will be re-built and it will take longer than 1-2 weeks.

Service Garage Repair Capabilities:

Insurance repairs and valuations – CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE LISTING
Hydraulic Cylinder repairs and repacking
Tarp System installations and repairs
Brake Replace/Repair
Frame Straightening
Suspension repair and replacing
Complete rebuilds – Top to Bottom (make it look like new) – CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS
Painting-includes sandblast, prime and paint
Cable replacements
Hydraulic complete replumb or just fix a leak

Monday thru Friday 6:00 AM thru 4:30 PM+
Saturday 6:00 am – NOON


Steps for an Insurance Claim:

  1. Insurance company or the company can directly contact us. We are able to service and repair jobs across the country at our facility in Romulus, Michigan. Less than 2 miles from the Detroit Metro Airport.
  2. If able we can come out and inspect the trailer to get proper quoting completed, but the best solution is to get the trailer/truck to our facility.
  3. We will provide a written quote/estimate that states the total dollars needed for labor and material. We are also able to supply a listing of items that need to be fixed or corrected.
  4. We will send the quote to the insurance company or direct to the company in order for a purchase order to be submitted so work can be started.
  5. If changes occur during the job either from our end or yours, please supply the changes in writing to us and we will do the same and get proper signatures before that work is completed.
  6. The trailer will be delivered to our facility and will stay here until completion of the unit
  7. We will provide ongoing pictures and status updates during the repair process if needed.
  8. Once payment is received, we will provide a full release of the trailer.
  9. The trailer or truck can be delivered to you or can be picked up at our facility in Michigan.

Complete or Partial Rebuilding a Trailer:

  1. Complete overview of the trailer will be done by our certified mechanics so a full estimate and details can be provided with price.
  2. We will take a “before” picture of the unit to document and put into the files.
  3. Typical rebuilding that could occur are: Tarps, valves, cylinders, rollers, tires, wiring, brakes, frame straightening, and any additional features will be replaced and completed if needed.
  4. Trailer will be sandblasted prime and painted.
  5. All new stickers and tags will be added so that it will meet with current state and federal requirements and for safety.
  6. After full payment is received the trailer can be shipped anywhere in the world or be picked up at our facility in Michigan.
  7. The whole process can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on the damage to the trailer and the options that are to be installed.