Roll off Trailer for Sale

Super Mini Roll Off Trailer

Roll off Trailer - Optimized for 20/30/40 or tall 50 Yd Boxes. Less than 26' long! As short as Roll off Truck (with tractor), but carriers 43-84%+ more weight (by law) in most states; gets into tighter spots than a truck. In Stock, or custom built for your application. Weighs 12,400#! Note: This unit has the same 25,000# Axles, Hydraulic System, rollers, sheaves, etc., as our Workhorse Conventional unit. Every unit tested with a 52,000# box, before and after painting!

Super Mini Long Roll Off Trailer

Super Mini Long Roll off Trailer
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Roll off Trailer - that is designed to maximize payload and carry up to a 30' container. This unit is constructed just like our Super Mini but is longer so it can carry a longer box and has a higher federal GVW. Weighs 13,500#! This unit is great for scrap metal recyclers as well as waste and environmental haulers. Constructed with twin lifting and single reeving cylinders gives this unit plenty of power and it is tested with a 52,000# box before and after painting.

bridge master

Bridge Master Roll off Trailer
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Roll off Trailer - that is an up and coming 80,000# Bridge Trailer that can carry a 20 yard box or boxes up to 38' long or a model that carries even a 43' box!, yet is optimized for larger payloads than the Conventional. A great Trailer for Demolition or Scrap operations.

conventional roll off trailer

Conventional Roll off Trailer
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Roll off Trailer - which is the clear workhorse of the industry. Models from 29'-44' and 2-4 Axles, including 80,000# Models. All options available, including Air Ride, Lift axles, Aluminum Wheels, Auto Grease Systems, Auto Air Inflate system, etc. With overload permits, some states allow 122,000 GVW.

Mini Roll Off Trailer

Mini Roll off Trailer
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Roll off Trailer - that is a 15 year+ old proven unit-Drop Deck design. Terrific for every application you may have; Trash to Environmental and Construction to Scrap.

Drop Deck Roll Off Trailer

Drop Deck Roll off Trailer
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Roll off Trailer - that is a low profile Trailer great for very tall boxes or loads that shift. Strong, but lighter weight unit, that of course Bridges 80,000#.

two box roll off trailer

Two Container Trailer
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Two Container Trailer - that is a productivity winner for long runs, multiple boxes and heavy loads. Now with the New, Simple, and Fast container transfer system. A great Two box roll off trailer that is 80,000# Bridge product line. Customize for 2-4+ axles.

Multi-axle Roll Off Trailer

Multi-Axle Roll off Trailer
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Roll off Trailer - for Michigan people who love to carry weight. We sell dozens of 6 & 7 axle units a year with GVW up to 141,000. Trailers from 4-8 Axles (154,000 GVW) - not legal for use in most States.


Roll off Trailers & Roll Off Trucks, Dump Trailers & Trucks and Crushed Car Haulers/Trailers/Carriers is what we manufacture. We have a Roll off Trailer family using four Hydraulic Cylinders (two lift and two pull/reeve) which can pick up "anything" you present to it. We also have Rolloff Trailers that have only two Hydraulic Cylinders (single lift and single pull/reeve), which can pick up about 70,000 lbs. Our line of Trailer products include 45' to 53' Crushed Car Haulers/Trailers/Carriers that come with Gates or use Tarps systems-by Mountain Tarp. We make the Best Roll-off Trailers and Roll-off Trucks in the industry.