Automatic Inflation System for Trailers and Trucks, Meritor, PSI at BENLEE

June 12, 2016

Automatic Tire Inflation System, PSI

Trailers, Trucks, Auto, Meritor System

Automatic tire inflation systems are for sale at BENLEE.  We sell the Meritor, PSI system and them in stock, for keeping your semi trailer and truck tires inflated.  This is a central system that keeps tires inflated when the get a leak and allow you to get back to you home base to get the tire repaired.  The price is cheap when compared to getting stuck or worse yet causing an accident when a tire rips apart.  We stock all the parts and system. These inflation systems are great tire and money savers.

Greg Brown



Automatic Air inflation Systems-Roll off Trailers

Roll off Trailer air inflation systems, central, Meritor

Automatic Air inflation system,-BENLEE, roll off Trailers, Trucks

Gas Saving Tips-BENLEE

February 23, 2012

To All:
Fuel prices are incredibly high.  See below, for a tab that is also on our website, which can help you.
Greg Brown
BENLEE Roll off Trailers


Gasoline/Diesel Saving TIPS
Follow all of the below and could save 30%+ ($20+ on every $60)
  1. Keep tires inflated at specified and higher pressure if you do a lot of highway driving and carrying extra weight-multiple people, luggage, etc. Appropriate tire inflation also extends tire life. Check about monthly, when tires are ‘cold’. Use great valve caps
  2. Slow down-Driving at 75 MPH uses 10%+ more fuel than driving at 65 MPH
  3. Accelerate slow, like you have a raw egg under your foot, that you do not want to break
  4. Use Cruise control when possible-allows for smooth acceleration, better on engine also
  5. When start engine, warm it up for only a few seconds, then drive very slow for 1+ minute, for engine warm up – no need to idle for many minutes – remote starter wastes fuel
  6. If manual transmission, ride in the highest gear as practical
  7. If going to idle engine for more than 2 minutes, shut it down. If Diesel, let idle for 2 minutes then shut down (idle cools engine).
  8. Combine short trips-a cold vehicle uses maximum fuel
  9. Get extra weight out of vehicle-Items not used-things in truck, back seat, etc.
  10. Keep car tuned (Plugs, air filter, etc.) and repaired (e.g. faulty oxygen sensor can
    hurt mileage as much as 40%).
  11. If possible, go slow when approaching red lights. Do not rush up, hit brake and then sit at red light
  12. When using A/C, once vehicle is cool, put A/C on recirculation
  13. Use Octane gas specified. Using higher grades than specified does not improve performance-note-this is a money, not gas saving idea
  14. Keep vehicle exterior clean-improves aerodynamics
  15. If have removable roof rack, remove it to improve aerodynamics
  16. Use recommended engine oil. If vehicle designed for 5W-30, do not use 10W-30.

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