September 6, 2016

Used Lugger Trucks for Sale

Premier Truck Sales-BENLEE

Huge Haul-Load Lugger

Used lugger trucks are for sale a Premier Truck Sales and Rental-Call 1-800-825-1255.  The have in stock, almost new Load Lugger Trucks made of the Huge Haul design, made by BENLEE, who is now a Load Lugger Truck Manufacturer.   BENLEE can make you a new Lugge Truck and has made new ones for Premier Truck Sales and rental.

If you are looking for a used lugger truck for sale, call Premier.  If you want a new lugger truck for sale, call BENLEE at 734-722-8100.

Greg Brown


Lugger Trucks and Hoists for Sale. Huge Haul, by BENLEE

BENLEE Lugger Truck-for sale, manufacturer-Used

Used Lugger Truck for sale-Premier Truck sales

Lugger Truck Manufacturer-BENLEE Huge Haul-734-722-8100

June 9, 2016

Lugger Truck Manufacturer

Load Lugger Trucks

BENLEE-Huge Haul

Lugger Truck Manufacturer, BENLEE is now the leader in Load Lugger Manufacturing, having acquired Huge Haul.  We have lugger truck bodies for sale.  Just call us at 734-722-8100.  We are sorry, but at this time we do not have any used lugger trucks for sale, but we new have new lugger trucks and load lugger hoists for sale.

In late 2015, BENLEE acquired Huge Haul, the creator of the Load Lugger.  That is why we can say we have Load Luggers for sale.

Greg Brown



Load Lugger Truck s for Sale

Lugger Truck Manufacturer, BENLEE


Lugger Trucks, Lugger Hoists-Huge Haul, BENLEE

December 25, 2015

Lugger Trucks and Lugger Hoists are now going to be built by BENLEE.  This is a pre-announcement of our Press Release of early January.  BENLEE is proud to have acquired the assets of Huge Haul, by far the best of the best in building Lugger Trucks, Load Lugger Hoists.  When BENLEE was acquired about 11 years ago it built great products at the time.  Over the years though, not only did BENLEE make over 30 improvements over the years as well as developed new products like the Super Mini, Roll off Truck Replacement Trailer.

The market for Lugger Hoists is small, compared to Roll off Trailers, but still an important market, especially in major cities Lugger Trucks, also know as Load Luggers.  Importantly, many BENLEE customers use Lugger Hoists, so they will not be able to buy Lugger Trucks from BENLEE.

Greg Brown






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