Roll-off trailers

Roll-off trailers. BENLEE is now the #1 seller of roll off trailers in the U.S. and Canada. Importantly, this is because we have the safest, highest uptime and lowest owning and operating units in the industry. See our website for the roll off trailer for you: Roll-off trailer.

Roll off trailers

Of course, we manufacture a full line of roll off trailers, so we have the roll off trailer for you. Moreover, this includes the first in the industry roll off truck replacement: Roll off trailer: Super Mini. Importantly, this short 25′ 11″ trailer has the exact axles, hoses, rollers, cable, etc., as our extreme 50′ 8 axle trailers. That is the 8 axle trailer GVW 154,000 with no over permitting. Also, we now have the fastest growth selling two container trailer, two box trailer in the market. A rocket launcher as some call it.

Roll off trailer

Moreover, the Super Mini Long: Roll-off trailer Super Mini Long. is only 33′, but with three axles you can carry more than 20 tons! Again, it also has all the major components as our extreme roll off trailers. Of course, these are heavy-duty trailer for the toughest applications.

Roll off trailer for 80 yard boxes; 80,000 GVW+

Furthermore, we make two versions of 40′-44′ trailers that carry large (and smaller) boxes. The Conventional is a great unit that can pick up over 100,000 lbs., which of course you should never do, but it can do it. Importantly, though, this is the unit that is great for over permitting in many states to about 102,000 GVW. Of course, we also make a more optimized weight trailer that weighs 5,600 lbs., less than the Conventional: the BridgeMaster. Moreover, that means it carries 5,600 lbs. more at 80,000 GVW. Importantly, you can get 80,000 GVW with the BridgeMaster with only two axles, because of its design. Also, and importantly, the BridgeMaster carries more weight than a frameless, due to its longer Bridge!

Roll off truck parts, Roll off trailer parts

Importantly, we support every roll off trailer with our online parts store: Roll-off trailer, roll-off truck parts store. Furthermore, you can call us at 734-722-8100 to order the roll off trailer part you need.

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Roll off trailer BENLEE
Roll off trailer

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