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Gondola trailer, heavy duty for scrap metal is a vehicle that you buy from BENLEE. See more details here: Gondola trailer overview. You can also fill out a request for quote online: Request for quote. Our trailers are the best for the best. Here are some of the key things about our units.

102″ wide axles, not 96″

Safety is #1 at BENLEE. Moreover, all we do we keep safety in mind. Moreover, axles are the foot print a a trailer. The wider the better. All our vehicles come with 102# wide axles for added stability. Related, when a driver is going around a turn too fast, or a load shifts, a trailer could tip. The wider the foot print the more stable the unit is. This includes for all tin scow trailers.

Sealed axle hubs

Related  to above, axles typically have about 2″ rubber plug that comes out. You can then put your finger in to see how much oil is in the axle, protecting the wheel bearings. If the oil runs out and the bearing go dry, the bearing heat up and severely damage the axle. Conversely, BENLEE now has as standard, sealed for 5 year hubs with synthetic grease. This is a huge time saver and helps protect the axles.

Walls and floors of Hardox (TM), steel

Heavy duty, yet as light as possible is important to help you carry the most material possible in every load. This is especially true when scrap companies are hauling light iron, shreddable, to a shredder. BENLEE manufactures all our gondolas out of Hardox (TM) high strength steel. Also, this is specially hardened steel that puts up with major abuse, making it the perfect material for a scrap hauler, open top gondola trailer.

Extra 100,000 warranty on ABS

High uptime and safety is key to all our products. Added warranty on anything helps.  Our standard units come with a secondary air filter in the ABS which protects the system and gives you an added 100,000 warranty on the ABS. Heavy duty, high quality is #1. Of course, this includes like all other things, tin scows for Canada.

New tires and rims

Moreover, the truth is, some manufactures and dealers sell the units at a lower price. In addition, this also come with a lower quality components. Indeed, some dealers sell these units with used or recap tires and used rims. Conversely, BENLEE all our units come with new 16 ply SmartWay tires. Hence, that 16 ply mean they are all position tires, not 14 ply trailer tires.

25,000 lb. Suspensions.

Again, some sell these units with 22,500 suspension. Of course, those will work for some, but we sell all our units with 25,000 axles.

Tarp Systems: Pioneer, Roll-Rite, Aero, Donovan

Of course tarp systems are available. Also, see our website for tarp system from companies like: Roll-Rite and Pioneer.

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Gondola trailer by BENLEE
Gondola trailer by BENLEE



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