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Dump trailers for sale have been a key part of BENLEE for decades. We specialize in semi-trailer Dumps made of Hardox, strong, light steel for maximum performance. We make these from two axle all the way to seven axles for the most demanding needs. We are a dealer, manufacturer, so buy direct and save. We have almost zero Warranty issues, so you do not have to deal with a dealer as a middle man. Sorry we almost never have used dump trailers or used dump trucks for sale, but call us. Of course, we can set is up with complete tarp systems of any kind and make the multiple heights and lengths. These are optimized for weight, but these are heavy duty, typically for carrying steel or demo debris. Call us at 734-722-8100 for a quote or fill out the quote sheet online! The end dumps are #1 in the industry for the toughest loads and yes, we ship to Canada, Texas, Missouri, Mexico, Oregon, Florida and in fact the entire U.S., Canada and Mexico. BENLEE dump trailers are nor just utility trailers, these are semi-trailers made to carry major amounts of material. If you are looking for a small dump trailer, we are not the place.

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