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Two container roll off trailer

Two box roll off trailers are our among our top selling trailers. Two box roll off trailer, is a great way to dramatically increase your productivity. You can carry two 24' long 20/30/40 boxes. Many people believe that if you are traveling over 100 miles each way this is the unit to use. 

Heavy Duty, but optimized for weight

Moreover, our trailers are engineered to be strong and light. Moreover, they are made from high strength steel so the frame and be light and strong. We even laser cut hole carefully in the frame to take weight out. Also, a key though is that we never give up safety or operating cost to make these units lighter.

Safety is #1

Every two box roll off trailer as they call them (or some say rocket launcher) comes with 102" wide axles. This add stability to the trailer which is important if a loa shifts. Wheel checks on the lug nuts are a productivity and safety issue. Also, we use special FAST FLAP brackets for mud flaps. They stop mud flaps from ripping. Moreover, a ripped mudflap can be part of what allows stone to be picked up and hit windshields.

Front cable problems

Many people have problems with cable breaking for the front part the units. That is due to the way the front cable works with the winch as it gets lose and then tight. We did away with that issue. Our team developed a shuttle system that solves this issue. Cable replacement go away as we always keep the cable tight.

Roll off trailer parts

Roll off trailer parts store, is the way we make sure you can review the parts you need 24/7. Moreover, we ship the part you need the same day of we get the order before 3:30PM EST. Of course, we ship the same day, all the roll off straps, rollers, tarps, and cables you need. Moreover, call us for fenders and roll off truck parts.