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28' Tandem Axle Super Mini Roll off Trailer

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Canadian Super Mini

This short trailer is a heavy hauler. By spend hundreds of thousands on a roll off truck if you can buy a Super Mini by BENLEE. It is a fraction of the price of a Super Mini. Moreover, when you are not using your Super Mini for the afternoon, the day cab or tractor can be hauling a tin scow. Also, it can be hauling a dump trailer, flat bed or another roll off trailer. Some call this a decoupling of assets. 

Short and Maneuverable

A roll off truck is easy to drive vs a tractor trailer and a roll off truck is about 35 feet long. When this trailer is put behind a day cab, it is about 39 feet. Then because it pivots, if the driver know what he is doing, he can get into a tighter spot than a roll off truck. This is important for residential areas, or tight crowded cities like Toronto, Vanover or Quebec City. 

Heavy Duty, yet light

This roll off trailer is short and has only two axles, but it is nothing other than heavy duty. We say that due to it has the exact axles that we use on our 7 and 8 axle extreme units. It also has the same cable, rollers, pulleys and more. Also, we pick up a 47,000 lb. test box with every trailer before we ship it to make sure it is ready to go to work for you. Of course, it also has all the same other tests and checks that we do on our 7 and 8 axle extreme units. Extreme Vehicles

Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta

Canada is an important market for BENLEE. Moreover, we are only about 6 mile from the Ambassador bridge that goes to Canada. Therefore, you are our neighbors. That makes it easy for us to deliver trailer and even roll off trailer parts and roll off truck parts. Call us for parts for your roll offs. Roll off truck parts Galbreath