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Featured Companies

  • American Roll-Off

    American Roll off-Palfinger

    American Roll off was purchased by Palfinger a few years ago. The company is known for roll off hoists, and now hook-lift trucks. Call us for the roll-off straps, pulleys, winch straps, rollers, and tarps you need.

  • Donovan Tarps

    Donovan Tarping Systems

    Donovan is known for great tarp systems for many industries. We are here to support you with parts and installation. Of course, we have the 1801972 elbow and 1800437 tarp stop ready to ship today, all at the best price. Also, call us for the 1801205 extrusion drilled 100 inch tube and the 1801188 and 1801189 arms.

  • Dragon Roll off parts


    Dragon roll off trailers and roll off trucks are used in many industries, especially in the Hazmet and oil field industry. Dragon parts are ready to buy online or call 734-722-8100. Their two container trailers were known as the standard in the industry, which of course has changed with BENLEE’s redesigned, double box trailer. BENLEE is now #1. But of course, there are many Dragon units on the road. We have the parts you need like the 470-6006 hook and strap, winch strap. Also, we stock the 217-0022E roller, the 245-6100 pulley/sheave and the 470-6007 low profile winch!

  • Galbreath Roll Off Hoist Parts


    Galbreath has been around a long time. They are known to make a great hoist for the waste industry. BENLEE has their rollers like 386AO, 381AO in stock. Of course, we also have the 80PP27B fender and 2316W cable pully in stock for same day shipment. Call us before 3:30PM to ship your item the same day.

  • Galfab


    Galfab was started many years ago, by Don Galbreath, which of course is the same person that started Galbreath. At BENLEE we have the PP 27 fender, PP 837 web strap, winch, roll off strap and even the PP 530 side roller, weld on. All in stock, all ready to go. Of course, you can even come by and pick up the part you need.

  • Gresen Hydraulics


    Gresen hydraulic valves and parts are in stock. Come pick up the part you need today at 30383 Ecorse Road, Romulus, MI. 48174. Also, you should know that we stock hard to get parts like the 6158-D Link and Pin Kit. Of course, we also have the 12729001 valve handle bracket. Moreover, call us for the 1576-001 filter housing seal and the 1575-001 filter post seal.

  • Hyco Hydraulic Cylinders


    Hyco is a great cylinder company. We stock a full line of their cylinders. The means dump truck and dump trailer cylinders as well as cylinders for roll off trucks and roll off trailers. Of course, we also have seal kits to support you!

  • Roll-Rite Tarps

    Roll-Rite Tarp Systems

    Roll Rite is a great company with great products. We have a full line of their products for same day shipment. This includes all the arms, motors, and spring boxes, as well as tarps that you need. Of course, this means the 76760, 76770 arms are in stock. Also, call us or buy online the 76880 casting, the 10200 gear motor or the 10122 Super Duty motor.

  • Pioneer Tarp Systems


    Pioneer Tarp systems and parts are some of our best sellers. Many people do not know that the company that owns Pioneer is the same as Mountain Tarp and the same as Galbreath. Moreover, we have in stock the A3881KIT, HR4752 36 inch cylinder, HR4759 tarp and the HR4719 Rack gear cylinder. Of course, we also stock at the best price the HR4752AB seal kit.

  • Tulsa Winch Trailer Parts

    Tulsa Winch

    Tulsa Winch is now also known as Dover TWG, as in TWG winches. BENLEE has a stock of complete winches for same day shipment or pick up. Also, we have parts like the small 21163 drum U-bot and the 41504/C-4208 air cylinder-H1242. Of course, call us for a 40727 Air shift yoke-H12. All at the best price!

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