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September 7, 2018





Roll off truck parts and roll off trailer parts are for sale at BENLEE.  Call us at 734-722-8100 for same day shipment.  You can also buy online at Every sheave, roller, tarp systems, pulley you would ever need is in stock.  We are roll off trailer manufacturers and roll off truck manufacturers and we sell replacement parts for roll off dumpster trailers and trucks.  Galbreath, Galfab, American and more. 6934AO

Roll Rite Tarp Systems-BENLEE-Roll off

June 12, 2018

Roll Rite Tarp Systems

BENLEE Authorized Dealer

Roll off Trucks, Roll off Trailers, Dump Trucks, End Dump Grain

Roll off Tarp Systems are for sale at BENLEE.  Call 734-722-8100.  We are an Authorized Distributor, Dealer for Roll Rite Automated Tarp Systems and Covering Systems.  We have all tarp motors, switches replacement parts in stock for same day shipment.  This includes

-10120 Tarp Motor

-10180 Hydra – Lock

-10122  Gear Motor Super Duty

-10200 Tarp Stretcher Gear Motor

-10310 Tarp Master Gear Motor

-20120 Thru-Shaft Gear Motor

We have the Roll Rite Electric roll tarp systems for all roll off trucks, roll off trailers, Lugger Trucks, dump trucks and Grain units such as GTX 550 Grain Trailers, Transfer & Chip, Trailers, Belly Dumps, Side Dumps and more.  All roll off replacement parts in stock for semi trailers and trucks, including all Arms, Tarp Motors, Tarp Arms for all roll off trucks, scrap and gondola trailers. We even have  P/N 10698 Motor reversing relay and every gear motor you need, even the 47410 Pivot Pin and every dump truck tarp motor you need for sale and every switch. We can even handle every installation of your electric tarping system, even with remote control. To make life easy we even have a parts catalog on our website. Using Worm Gear Technology and Spur Gear Technology and for every application.  We have every Tarp System Kit you would ever need and all tarp system wiring information with manuals for all Power Solutions, electric roll tarp systems. Even the major arms such as:

76700 Bow Set, 98″ Wide Top Tube w/ 98″ Side Arms

76760 Bow Tube, 98″ Al Side Arm W. 90° Corner

76770 Bow Tube, AL Top Tube for Tarp Bow 98″

Construction, Waste, Scrap & Recycling and Agriculture Markets are who we support.

Greg Brown


Roll-Rite Tarp System Roll Off Trailer Parts Truck Parts

ROLL-RITE Replacement 76760 Upper Side Arm
SKU: TD163


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ROLL-RITE 76770 Tarp Bow (Crosstube)

ROLL-RITE Replacement 76770 Tarp Bow (Crosstube)
SKU: TD159


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ROLL-RITE 10120 Electric Motor- Super Duty

ROLL-RITE 10120 Electric Motor- Super Duty
SKU: TD236


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ROLL-RITE 46250 Tower Lower Arm 96"

ROLL-RITE 46250 Replacement Tower Lower Arm 96″
SKU: TD272


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ROLL-RITE 31050 Tarp Axle Bearing

ROLL-RITE 31050 Tarp Axle Bearing
SKU: TD266


No reviews

ROLL-RITE 46080 Under Mount Pivot P/S

ROLL-RITE 46080 Under Mount Pivot P/S
SKU: TD311


No reviews

ROLL-RITE 46070 Under Mount Pivot D/S

ROLL-RITE 46070 Under Mount Pivot D/S
SKU: TD312


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ROLL-RITE 46480 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Passanger Side)

ROLL-RITE Replacement 46480 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Passenger Side)



Roll Rite Parts for Sale at BENLEE-Dealer

Roll-Rite Tarp System Roll Off Trailer Parts Truck Parts


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ROLL-RITE 46470 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Drivers Side)

ROLL-RITE Replacement 46470 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Drivers Side)
SKU: TD449


No reviews

ROLL-RITE Replacement 19050 Rotary Switch

ROLL-RITE Replacement 19050 Rotary Switch
SKU: TD165


No reviews

ROLL-RITE 10310 Electric Gear Motor (Tarp Master)
SKU: TD468


No reviews

ROLL-RITE W6-2/133 6 Guage 2-Wire

ROLL-RITE Replacement W6-2/133 6 Guage 2-Wire
SKU: TD215


No reviews

ROLL-RITE 10180 Hydraulic Tarp Motor

ROLL-RITE 10180 Hydraulic Tarp Motor
SKU: TD504


No reviews

ROLL-RITE Replacement 46260 12′ Arm
SKU: TD274


No reviews

ROLL-RITE 10500 Electric Kit 10500
SKU: TD320


No reviews

ROLL-RITE 81040 Tarp Pleated 102″ x 34′
SKU: TD420


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ROLL-RITE 80060 Shock Cord for Tarp
SKU: TD570


Tarping System Parts at BENLEE-Lugger Trucks

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Roll Rite Tarp Systems for Roll off Trailers

Roll off Tarp Systems, Tarp System Parts for Sale, Dump-BENLEE-734-722-8100

August 26, 2017

Tarp Systems, Tarp Parts

Roll off Truck, Dumps, Roll off Trailers


Tarp Systems for sale at BENLEE are a key part of our business.  We are a Stocking, Dealer. Distributor selling Authorized Roll Rite, Pioneer, O’Brian (not OBryan), Donovan, Camero, Aero, Mountain Tarp, tarp systems.

We have tart systems for

-Roll off trucks

-Roll off trailers

-Dump Trucks

-Hook lift

-Flat Beds

-End dumps

We sell electric tarp motors, super-winch motors, hydraulic motors, aluminum tarp arms, switches, gear motors, heavy duty replacement mesh tarps that are 12′ x 24′, 12′ x 30′, 12′ x 40′ and  more.  Of course we can handle all installation, and we can help you with installation manuals, wiring diagrams and parts questions for all types of retractable, auto tarpers and more.  We have kits, systems, and parts! Even the high volume Roll Rite 10120, 10200, 10310 and more.  Call us for Auto Tarper Systems and Heavy Duty Mesh replacement tarps, retractable tarp arm springs and more.

Greg Brown


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Roll Rite Tarp-BENLEE


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Pioneer, Mountain Tarp-BENLEE

camaro tarp – Google Search

Roll off Truck Trailer Parts-BENLEE-Roll Rite Tarp Systems, Gresen, Hydraulics, Distributor

April 15, 2017

Roll off Truck Trailer Parts

BENLEE Roll Rite Tarp Systems, Gresen

Hydraulics, Valve, Distributor, Dealer

Galbreath, Galfab, Dragon, American

Roll off truck and roll off trailer parts are on sale at BENLEE.  We are a dealer, Distributor for Roll Rite, Gresen, and more.  We have replacement parts for your Galbreath, Galfab, Dragon, American and more!  Roll Rite electric motors, 10200, 10120 and more.  If you are in Houston, Los Angeles, California, Texas, Ontario, Canada, Michigan, Florida, Charlotte, Colorado, call us.  We have complete Tarping System Kits, sheaves, pulleys, filters, handles and cables.  We even have Winches in stock for same day shipment, as well as cylinders, from Parker, Custom, and Hyco, all at great pricing. Call us for Gresen hydraulic control Valves, V20, v40, Galbreath 386AO, 2316W, 3431.  All for your semi roll off trailer or roll off dump trailer for pick up!  We have all the repair and replacement parts for your roll off hoist, tarping system, Winch, Dump Trailer, Dump Truck, including fenders, both steel an plastic and Tulsa Winch parts!

Greg Brown


Galbreath 386AOBENLEE Roll off AT 411

Galbreath, BENLEE Roll off

BENLEE Roll of Trailers and Trucks

Roll off Parts, BENLEE, Gresen, roll rite


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Galbreath, replacement parts, BENLEE

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Galfab Replacement Parts, BENLEE, tarps

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Roll rite, BENLEE trailers roll off

Image result for gresen logo

Gresen BENLEE, Hydraulic control valve, V20, v40

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Dragon roll off parts, BENLEE


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American Roll off parts-BENLEE

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Hyco-BENLEE-Cylinders-roll off trailers trucks

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Custom Cylinders-Roll off trailers, truck


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Parker, BENLEE roll off parts hydraulic, Distributor

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Tulsa Winch Parts for sale, BENLEE, Group TWG

Roll off Trailer Scrap Report for ARA

February 8, 2017

See the below that will be in ARA bi-monthly magazine.


Scrap Metal Report

This the first in a series of updates for ARA’s membership with information to help profitably grow our businesses.  As an introduction, my name is Greg Brown.  My wife and I own BENLEE a manufacturer of Roll off, Open Top and Crushed Car trailers and we own Raleigh and Goldsboro Metal Recycling, in NC.  Most importantly, I have been a car guy since the 1970s in that I still own a 1966, 4 on the floor, Ford Mustang convertible.  For the past two years we producing a free weekly four minute news video to our scrap yard and trailer customers that has charts and graphs, as well as gives the background as to what happened in the commodities markets in the previous week.  Ricky Young our ex ARA President who we work with in NC, forwarded my name to ARA and here we are….a bi-monthly article with trends with commentary as to what is happening in the commodity markets to help your business.   As for more immediate questions on markets, always feel free to call me on my cell at 734-740-9514 or email me at  Lastly feel free to go to and sign up for our Free weekly video, Scrap Metal and Commodities Recycling Report.


2016 in Review.  What a year it was in commodities! 


Scrap Steel/Oil: Prices about doubled in 2016.  With the global economy getting better after the crash of 2008, prices heated up by 2014.  Then the world changed on Thanksgiving Day, 2014.  As we ate our turkeys, OPEC met to discuss how to gain market share, which was being hurt by the U.S. hitting new records in drilling.  OPEC decided to flood the markets to lower prices which would get the U.S. to reduce drilling.  It worked and prices fell from about $110/barrel to $37.  Oil rigs fell from 1,609 to 316!

Crude oil | 1946-2017 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast | News

Historical Data Chart

This caused the massive loss of high wage jobs and reduced steel use in U.S. oil fields, which along with dumping of low priced steel in the U.S. by countries like China and S. Korea, caused steel prices to decline through 2015.


Chicago Shredded Auto Bodies in Gross Tons

Crude oil | 1946-2017 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast | News

chart (10)

Three things happened 2016.  First, the global economy has been slowly growing for years, which consumes more commodities putting upward pressure on prices.  Second, the Obama administration put massive steel tariffs (import taxes) in place in 2016 that kept out foreign steel, raised U.S. production and allowed for major price increases on finished steel, that took scrap metal prices up with it. Third, OPEC and a group of non OPEC countries agreed to oil cut production, which led to higher prices and increases in U.S. drilling and production.


Aluminum: Higher energy prices for decades have meant that the automotive and trucking companies have worked hard to increase fuel mileage and light weight aluminum has been the winner here.  The Ford F150, the highest volume car or truck sold in this country now has a complete aluminum exterior, so along with good aerospace and good heavy truck demand, aluminum consumption continues to rise.  Along with the need to pass on high production costs, aluminum prices have been rising and this should continue.  Related, get ready to command more for these F-150 trucks when they to a shredder!  As I write Feb. 2017, shredders are getting about $12.00/Hundred ($270/GT) for steel and $56.00/Hundred for Zorba (mostly shredded aluminum); 4.7 times more!


Unlike steel and even aluminum, Platinum production and consumption can vary based on just a handful of major investors speculating and driving prices up or down.  Overall though, for the past 10 years, it has reacted, not the same but similar to copper.  With that said, there could be small increases in prices over 2017.

In the big picture, in most cases scrap prices are driven by demand and in most cases demand is driven by spending/consumption.  The graph below, tells the story.  There are more people working in this country, then ever before.  The new administration wants to build upon the major increases in employment that we have seen since 2010.  That makes the story simple.  While not a big increase, one would expect scrap prices to continue to rise in 2017.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to call or write me and sign up for our free weekly Commodities News video at,

Greg Brown











Roll off parts, Roll off Truck Parts, Roll off Trailer Parts-BENLEE

November 1, 2016

Roll off Parts

Roll off Truck Parts

Roll off Trailer Parts


Roll off truck and trailer parts are in stock at BENLEE, a master Distributor, Dealer.  We carry parts for Galbreath, Galfab, Clement, American Roll off, Huge Haul, Universal and more.  We have every cable, pin, filter, motor, tarp, sheave, hook you will ever need.  This means we have Roll Rite, Pioneer, Aero, Cramaro, O’Brian, Hyco, Custom, Parker, Gresen, Meritor and more.  We can even arrange installation of Tarp Systems and new cables while you wait!


We have Cylinders, Valves, arms, handles, seal kits and more!

Call us at 734-722-8100 or buy on line at

Greg Brown



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