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Help Wanted-Welder BENLEE

March 21st, 2018

Help Wanted-Welder-BENLEE Help wanted at BENLEE.  We are hiring experienced welders today with pay ranging from $15-$20+ per hour. BENLEE also has -Overtime (earn 50% more!) -Paid Vacation -Paid Holiday -401K Plan -Healthcare -and more. We are the leading roll off trailer manufacturing company in the U.S.  We also make Lugger Trucks, Open Top Gondola […]

Roll off Trailer Parts; Roll off Truck Parts; Dump Truck Parts; BENLEE

March 19th, 2018

Roll Off Trailer Parts Roll off Truck Parts Dump Truck Parts Roll off trailer parts, Roll off truck parts and Dump Truck parts are for sale at BENLEE.  We stock every valve, hydraulic cylinders, sheaves, rollers, cables and more.  We have Tarp parts, motors, switches and more. Galbreath, Galfab, American, Dragon parts all on sale.  […]

Roll off Trailer Manufacturer-BENLEE-Roll off Trailers for Sale

March 13th, 2018

ROLL OFF TRAILER MANUFACTURER BENLEE ROLL OFF TRAILERS ROLL OFF TRAILERS FOR SALE   Roll off trailers are for sale at BENLEE.  We have a full line of 80,000 GVW trailers and of course more for Michigan and for over permitting and less for those that do not need all the weight.  BENLEE manufacturers only […]

Help Wanted-Welders $15.00 to $20.00+ per Hour-BENLEE

March 2nd, 2018

HELP WANTED WELDERS-$15.00=$20.00+/HR BENLEE ROLL OFF TRAILERS Help wanted! We are hiring welders today.  Starting pay is $15.00-$20.00+  We have a great team, great benefits: -401K -Overtime!! -Paid Holidays -Paid Vacation -Healthcare. A great team, making a great product.  Call us at 734-722-8100 Ext 110!  Help Wanted, Welders! Greg Brown 734-722-8100

Help Wanted-Welders, Forklift Drivers-BENLEE Roll off Trailers

January 9th, 2018

Help Wanted Welders, Forklift Drivers Help Wanted-Welders, Forklift Drivers, with Welders starting at $15.00+ with experience and Forklift drivers $12.00+.  Note that all role are growth roles with our top people making $20.00+ per hour. 401K, paid vacation, paid Holidays, Healthcare, paid training and more.  We are the #1 Roll off trailer Manufacturer in the […]

Roll Rite Tarping Systems for Sale at BENLEE. Parts, Motors, Switches, 10120, 10200

December 25th, 2017

Roll Rite Tarp Systems for Sale-BENLEE Parts, Motors, Switches, 10200, 1o120 Roll off Trucks, Trailers, Dump Trucks Roll Rite Tarp systems and parts are for sale at BENLEE.  We are an authorized dealer of Roll Rite, stocking all parts and shipping same day! This includes motors, switches, arms, relays and more. Stocking: -10200 -10120 -10310 […]

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