The Super Mini Trailer

Designed to replace roll off trucks. Less than 26' long & carries 43-84% more weight.

Save $100,000

Super Mini vs Roll off Truck

Compare the Super Mini vs standard Roll off Trucks. Save Fuel, Maintenance & Driver Costs.

Who We Are

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BENLEE - A Solid, Value Added Company Dedicated to Improving our Customers' Uptime.


Rolloff Trailers, Scrap Haulers, Crush Car Trailers

Roll off Trailers (Roll-off dump trailers) & Rolloff Trucks, Roll off Hoists, along with Dump Trucks, Dump Trailers, Crushed Car Trailers and Roll off Containers are our Business. BENLEE also sells Used Roll off Trailers. Want to save money and be more productive? Carry more weights legally? Get into cramped areas that your customers ask you to get into? Need a Roll off Truck? Buy a Super Mini Trailer instead.Why get a used Roll off Truck? Get a Super Mini Roll off trailer instead. Our trailers have the best roll off hoists in the business. Click Here, for more information. We have shipped units from Maine to California and Alaska to Florida. Of course we ship to Canada and Mexico as well.

Canada, Mexico and other International

Canada, Mexico and other international markets are important to us. We have fleets of units in both countries and in places like Aruba, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, South Africa and more. We can help you with the weight laws by Province or by Country. We are ready to support all companies in all countries with their trailer needs! For more information on Trailers for the Canadian Market click here. We are THE supplier of Roll Off Trailers to the Canadian market, located about 4 miles from the Canadian/US border in Michigan. We ship to Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and more. Dozens of companies in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and many other cities all run BENLEE Roll off trailers!

We support all our products with a parts operation stocking hydraulic cylinders, sheaves, cable pulley, etc. and Neway suspension products to Gresen hydraulic valves, Hyco, Tulsa Winch, Roll rite tarps, Pioneer tarps, galbreath roll off parts and more. This includes a full line of Rolloff Trailer and Dump Truck parts. We are open Monday-Friday 6:00AM-5:00 PM EST. Also check out our Online Parts Store, open 24/7.

Lastly, we rebuild Trailers and Hoist systems from the ground up, meaning we do Frame Straightening, dump truck repair, truck frame repair.

Roll Off Containers, Roll Off Dumpsters and Roll Off Trailers For Sale

For almost forty years, Benlee, Inc. has been one of the top names in roll off trailers and roll off trucks. Benlee’s 32,000 square foot, 12 acre facility for roll off containers, roll off dump trailers and trucks sits in the heart of manufacturing America in Romulus, Michigan, near Detroit. Quality is a hallmark at Benlee and we boast five service bays, two frame straightening bays, a spare parts business and even a rental operation. Our in-house manufacturing brings together a highly experienced crew of trailer and truck experts that design, build, service and support the best roll off containers, roll off dumpsters, roll off dump trailers and trucks, as well as crushed car trailers and other specialty vehicles.

We are proud to offer top quality roll off containers, roll off trailers and roll off trucks for sale. Whether you are looking for a roll off dumpster or one of our roll off trucks for sale, you can rest assure that you will not only receive a high quality product but the very best in customer service. Everyone at Benlee has first hand experience in some end of the transportation business. We know the right questions to ask to make sure you are getting the exact product you need and will never try to oversell you. Then after we have sold you the right roll off, we offer top notch parts and service to keep your vehicles up and profitable. Our customers know they can rely on Benlee to support them and keep their vehicles running.

  • Best Industry Uptime
  • International Parts Operation
  • Trade-ins accepted
  • 24/7 Help Line Support
  • Rebuilding Services



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