Roll off Trailer
Two Box, Two Container

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  • Price: Call for details
  • Model: TATBRS48F
  • Year: 2021
  • Suspension: WATSON
  • Type: AIR RIDE
  • Tires: 11R22.5
  • Length: 48'
  • Rail Length: 24'
  • Axles: Meritor
  • Condition: NEW
  • Manufacturer: BENLEE


Roll off trailers that carry two containers are a great productively tool. Two box roll off trailers are typically used to long hauls over 100 miles and can be used as a roll off delivery trailer. If you need to move two containers this is a great way to move two rolloff boxes. Call BENLEE today at 734-722-8100 for a quote on a new two box roll off trailer. BENLEE Double Box roll-off dump trailer, or roll off dumpster trailers are great for carrying 20, 30 or 40 yard boxes. Some people call these roll off trailers rocket launchers due to they way they are designed. These are heavy duty units made to carry a lot of weight a long distance. They are great for vacuum boxes and can be used instead of a pup trailer or tag trailer. We sell them in Canada, all of the U.S. and Mexico. Great for FRAC boxes! These 2-Bin units are great. Long distance in California and Texas are great markets for these trailers to carry two boxes. At times we have used trailers for sale and call us about Rental roll off trailers, roll off trailers for rent.