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Valves are in stock as part of a nationally recognized parts operation for Same day shipment, that includes valves as part of a complete line of Roll Off trailer and dump parts. BENLEE has three fully integrated departments.

  1. We design and build Roll Off trailers, Dump trailers and trucks, as well as Crushed Car trailers.
  2. We rebuild and repair roll off trailers and dump trailers, as well as crushed car trailers.
  3. We distribute Roll Trailer and roll off truck parts.

We are also supplied by some very important companies with parts that include Neway and Reyco suspension components, and valves. We continually stock valves, valves, hydraulic valves, valves, valves valves and most parts that you will ever need for your roll off trucks, roll off trailers and more. We are one of the largest hydraulic cylinder distributors in North America! We ship the Same Day we get your order, whether it is a Valves, valves, valves, bushing, or valves.