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Super Mini Trailer vs Roll Off Truck

Save $100,000+ with Super Mini


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  Super Mini 3 Axle Roll off Truck In the end…
Length Short 36' with Tractor4
Hauls 20/30/40+ yd box
Short 35'
Hauls 20/30/40+ yd box
Similar in length
Carries exact same
Maneuverability Great - Turns within it's own length Fair - Limited turn radius, fairly long unit Super Mini is Best
Payload1 High:
36,000 - 46,000 lbs1,2,3
Your State: State Comparison
20,000+ lbs1,3
Your State: State Comparison
Super Mini:
Usually 51% - 89% more7
Your State: State Comparison
Cost Low:
Trailer = $42,000
Tractor = $40,000+5
Total= $82,000+
$140 - $180k ++
Super Mini can be best:
$100,000++ Less, if have Tractor
Uptime / Utilization
Tractor/Trailer are separate
Dedicated power
Super Mini is Best
Inside Cab Controls Available Available Exact same controls for both
Driver Requirements Class A Class B Class A needed for Super Mini

Super Mini Carries More Weight!

Saves Fuel, Maintenance & Driver Costs = Less Trips!

  1. Material load, Federal Bridge Law, Assumes 5,600 lbs, 20 yd. Box (not included in Payloads lbs).
  2. Assumes 16,000 lbs Tractor, Trailer weight 12,000 lbs, 69,500 Bridge GVW.
  3. Assumes 30,000 lbs Truck and 58,500 Bridge GVW.
  4. Trailer is 25'11".
  5. Could get a good used Tractor for $40k+.
  6. Federal Bridge is 69,500 GVW, but some States73,280 and 80,000 in LA, ME, NJ.
  7. Range is from 0 in PA, 39 States 50%+ more, to Louisiana 117% more.