New Roll off Trailer: Does Everything a Roll off Truck does, BUT BETTER: As Short as Truck, BUT Carries More Weight and is More Maneuverable

August 8, 2006

Company Contacts:
Greg Brown, BENLEE, (734) 722-8100 ext. 111

ROMULUS, Mich. - August 8, 2006 - BENLEE the North American Leader in Roll off Trailers and Roll off Trucks has introduced the World's First Roll off Trailer that was specifically designed to be as short as a Roll off Truck, but more maneuverable and carries more weight. Based on its ability to carry more and be more maneuverable than a Roll off Truck, it is called the Super Mini. Also, if a company has underutilized tractors, they can save $80,000-$100,000 by buying this Trailer, due to its low acquisition cost of $39,975. Charles Berman, of Berman Brothers in Jacksonville, Florida, the first customer that bought this unit said "This is great. Next week I was going to spend $135,000 on a Roll off Truck, but I have tractors. The Super Mini will do everything that I need and more, so I can save $95,000 by buying this trailer."

"Frankly, it was not our idea to develop this Roll off Truck replacement", said Greg Brown, President of BENLEE. "One of our major customers realized his Roll off Truck fleet was costing him a fortune in down time, vs. the flexibility of Trailers. When a Roll off Truck goes down there is no hoist to use, yet when a tractor goes down, you just hook up another trailer. He asked us to develop a trailer that would do everything a Roll off Truck would do, so we designed the Super Mini. An added bonus became its ability to carry more weight, which means fewer trips, thereby saving fuel and maintenance costs."

Key elements of the Super Mini are:

-Cost $39,975.00-One of the lowest priced full featured trailers available
-Total Length 25'11"-When hooked to a Tractor-as short as a Truck
-Tractor/Trailer pivots-More maneuverable than a Truck
-Total Weight only 13,500 lbs.-Very light weight
-Carries up to a 24' Box/Containers (20-40+ yards)-More than 22' standard
-Carries more legally than a 3 axle Truck-Less trips needed, less fines
-Options like in cab controls are available-Just like a truck

"Importantly", continued Brown, "there is no new risky, unproven technology in this trailer. We developed a new Trailer that was similar to the back half of our popular Two Box Roll off trailer. The maneuverability and weight characteristics of the Super Mini are terrific. Our customers now have a vehicle that can get into very tight spaces that Roll off Trucks cannot get into, yet they can carry high payloads".

This tandem axle roll off trailer has all the same high quality components that other BENLEE products have such as Zinc Dichromate coated hydraulic steel lines for longer life, Parker "Tough Cover" 3,000 PSI hoses and all Chrome plated cylinder rods, also for longer life. "We have now made 18 specific upgrades to our products in the last year and a half. Most of the upgrades have come from customer input and all will increase the uptime of our units", said John Tobolski, Marketing and Sales Director of BENLEE. Bill Wolok, Founder of BENLEE and still a key part of the team added, "BENLEE has always been known for great products, but now they are better than ever".

Fleet owners and even an owner with 1-3+ vehicles understand that they have much greater utilization of their equipment when they have tractors and trailers, vs. dedicated trucks. The Super Mini is a WIN/WIN. It can save a company $80,000+ (if you have a tractor), while increasing the uptime of the fleet and importantly carry heavier loads. As noted the heavier loads mean fewer trips resulting in fuel savings, tire savings and maintenance savings, all of which are added bonuses.


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