BENLEE Super Mini Trailer Questions and Answers

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1. What is the Super Mini Trailer?
A short, robust Roll off trailer that is more efficient and more cost effective, vs. a 2-3 axle roll off truck.

2. How does it do that?
Compared to a 3 axle roll off truck with a 24' truck mount, the Super Mini is as short (when used with a day cab), more maneuverable, payloads 50%+ more, offers higher fleet uptime and it only costs CALL FOR PRICING.

3. How can it be all of that?
It is only 25' 11" long, axles are near the rear so you get more "bridge" and the trailer only weighs 12,500 lbs.

4. If it weighs so little, can it carry a lot of weight?
Yes. Every unit is test loaded with a 60,000 lb box before painting the unit. Legally, it can carry as much as 40,000+ lbs—more than some 40' trailers.

5. I carry industry standard 20/30/40 yard boxes and even some 50 yard, very tall boxes with my roll off truck. What can the Super Mini carry?
The exact same boxes. 20/30/40 yard boxes are 22' inside and 23.5' outside. The Super Mini carries up to a 24' box.

6. It only costs CALL FOR PRICING. Does that mean less expensive components are used, like some truck hoists in the market?
No. The exact components that are used in BENLEE's popular 37'-42' Tri axle products are used-Same Parker control valve, same Parker 3,000 lb hoses, same Chromium Trivalent coated Steel lines, same 1" Hydraulic lines, same ArvinMeritor Axles, etc.

7. We have inside cab controls on our Roll off trucks. Does the Super Mini have that?
Yes, as an option.

8. Why do you say the Super Mini offers higher fleet uptime versus, a roll off truck?
When a roll off truck has a problem with the engine, the hoist/chassis is attached-out of commission. If you have tractor/power units and Trailers, when the engine/power unit has a problem, you can run the trailer with another unit.

9. I can buy roll off trucks from stock at a number of places. Trailers have 6-12+ week lead times. The Super Mini sounds great, but what if I need it now?
Due to the Super Mini high volume, Super Minis are in stock for immediate shipment. They are staged in Cleveland, OH and Detroit, MI. Units with and without Tarps are in stock.

10. Where is the closest Distributor to buy a Super Mini?
BENLEE mostly sells direct (and through very select partners). BENLEE ships direct to Canada, Mexico, all 50 States and a number of foreign countries.

11. Does the Super Mini come in a Dead Lift (typically Chicago area) and Inside Rail version? Can I get work lights, can I get air ride (Spring is standard), can I get Aluminum wheels, can I get tool box, can I get an automatic grease system, etc, etc?
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, etc. Lead time may be 2-5 weeks for some options.

12. It sounds so great, so why didn't anyone think of it before?
Honestly, BENLEE did not think of it, a customer did. Why until about 10 years ago were there no wheels and a handle on a suitcase?

13. Can I set up the Super Mini to have a Pintle Hook so I can pull a Pup trailer.

14. What type of driver/license do I need to drive this?
You need a Class A license, which is more than is needed for a Straight truck.

15. I have five axle roll off trucks. Is the Super Mini better?
Yes, for things like maneuverability, uptime and cost, but a 5 axle truck will carry more weight.

16. Can I rent one to try, before I buy?
Yes, through Premier Truck Sales in Cleveland. Call Vickie at 1-800-825-1255.