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August 19, 2019

Roll off Trailer For Sale

Roll off Trailer Manufacturer
Dealer Distributor

Roll off trailers for Sale at BENLEE.  We are the #1 Roll off Trailer Manufacturer in the U.S. with trailers going to Canada, Mexico, Central America and more.  We Love California, NY, NC, Alberta Canada, Interior Canada, Dallas and Huston Texas and more! At time we have used roll off trailers for sale. We have 40′ trailers, 25’11 Inch trailers, Tandem, Tri and even 8 axle trailers  Many are what are called Heavy Duty roll off trailers or even roll off dumpster trailers, and roll off dump trailers.  We are a Dealer Manufacturer, making Pup trailers, pup roll off trailers, double box, two container roll off trailers.  We bought DUNRIGHT, so we make DUNRIGHT trailers as well. See our website for roll off trailer reviews.  Of course our trailers have cylinders and some even come with a winch! We are a pup trailer manufacturer!  Call us for rolloff trailers.  You can rent BENLEE roll off trailers at Premier Truck Sales and Rental.  Call 1-800-825-1255, to rent a roll off trailer, for, Texas, North Carolina and more.  #1 and the Best in the U.S.

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Roll off trailers for sale, BENLEE, 734-722-8100

Roll off trailer Manufacturer-BENLEE. Sale

Roll off Heavy Duty trailers for sale-BENLEE. 734-722-8100

Roll off trailers for sale at BENLEE, for Texas, NY and more, 734-722-8100

Roll Rite Tarp System-Dealer, Distributor-BENLEE-734-722-8100

April 25, 2019

Roll Rite Tarp System

Roll Rite Dealer, Distributor


Roll Rite tarp systems are for sale at BENLEE.  We have all replacement parts for sale and can help with a parts manual and installation instructions.  We stock motors, like 10200 Tarp Stretcher, 10122 Super Duty, 10310 Tarp Master, 20120 Thru-Shaft, 10180 Hydra Lock. We stock switches, arms and more.  Authorized Dealer, Distributor, 76700. Also parts, 1031, 46090, 46440, 46450, 47230, 45340 pivot pin. Tarp system for roll off trucks, roll off trailers, dump trailers, roll off dump trailers. dump truck tarp systems, electric tarp systems, and control boxes.  DC350, DC 300, DC 200, DC 400 and even 39520 cylinders! 76760, 76770, 10120, 46250, 31050, 46080.  Roll rite tarp replacement parts, motor, arms for sale for semi trailers. 10698 heavy duty motor reversing relay, tarp arm parts, Dealers, help with Troubleshooting, for controllers, wiring diagrams and help with problems.

Greg Brown




ROLL-RITE 76760 Upper Side Arm

ROLL-RITE Replacement 76760 Upper Side Arm
SKU: TD163

ROLL-RITE 76770 Tarp Bow (Crosstube)

ROLL-RITE Replacement 76770 Tarp Bow (Crosstube)
SKU: TD159

ROLL-RITE 10120 Electric Motor- Super Duty

ROLL-RITE 10120 Electric Motor- Super Duty
SKU: TD236

ROLL-RITE 46250 Tower Lower Arm 96"

ROLL-RITE 46250 Replacement Tower Lower Arm 96″
SKU: TD272

ROLL-RITE 31050 Tarp Axle Bearing

ROLL-RITE 31050 Tarp Axle Bearing
SKU: TD266

ROLL-RITE 46080 Under Mount Pivot P/S

ROLL-RITE 46080 Under Mount Pivot P/S
SKU: TD311

ROLL-RITE 46070 Under Mount Pivot D/S

ROLL-RITE 46070 Under Mount Pivot D/S
SKU: TD312

ROLL-RITE 46480 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Passanger Side)

ROLL-RITE Replacement 46480 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Passenger Side)
SKU: TD450

ROLL-RITE 46470 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Drivers Side)

ROLL-RITE Replacement 46470 Assembled 6 Spring Top Mount (Drivers Side)
SKU: TD449

ROLL-RITE Replacement 19050 Rotary Switch

ROLL-RITE Replacement 19050 Rotary Switch
SKU: TD165


ROLL-RITE 10310 Electric Gear Motor (Tarp Master)
SKU: TD468


ROLL-RITE Replacement 46260 12′ Arm
SKU: TD274

ROLL-RITE W6-2/133 6 Guage 2-Wire

ROLL-RITE Replacement W6-2/133 6 Guage 2-Wire
SKU: TD215

ROLL-RITE 10180 Hydraulic Tarp Motor

ROLL-RITE 10180 Hydraulic Tarp Motor
SKU: TD504


ROLL-RITE 81040 Tarp Pleated 102″ x 34′
SKU: TD420


ROLL-RITE 10500 Electric Kit 10500
SKU: TD320


Roll Rite Dealer-BENLEE Roll off Trailers, roll off trucks

Roll Rite Tarping Systems-BENLEE-Call 734-740-9514

Roll Rite Tarp Systems, roll off truck, roll off trailer

Roll off Trailers, Roll-off Trailers

August 12, 2015

Roll off Trailers
Roll-off Trailers
Roll off trailers are one of our best selling products at BENLEE.  We have been known for decades as making the true work horse in the Industry.  The 40′ Conventional Roll off 40′ Tri, that weighs 22,000 lbs and can pick up anything, with its 80,000 GVW rating!!
Today things are different.  We have two newer products that are true winners.
1) BridgeMaster-This 80,000 GVW trailer now only weighs 16,300 lbs.  This means with an 18,000 Tractor and a 5,300 lb. box, you can get about 16% more in each box, which is almost 6,000 lbs. more.  Importantly it only has two axles, yet it is still 80,000 GVW, so less tires, brakes, etc!
2) Super Mini-this is a true Roll off Truck Replacement.  This trailer at only 25′ 11″, when put behind a day cab is only 12″ longer than a roll off tuck, yet due to it pivots, it gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck.  It also only costs about $45,000 with FET so if you have an underutilized power unit, you have a new roll off truck for $45,000.  AND in most states it carries about 50% more than a roll off truck!
Greg Brown

Roll off Trucks for Sale at BENLEE

June 23, 2013

Roll off Truck Replacement


People use Roll off Trucks because they are short and maneuverable.  Trailers are typically 40′ long.  The Super Mini Roll off trailer is truly a roll off truck replacement.  Companies are replacing their roll off truck fleet with this product because, the Super Mini Trailer vs. a Straight Truck is:
1) Similar in Length-carries the exact same 20/30/40 (or Tall 50) yd box
2) More maneuverable-gets into tighter spots
3) Payloads more-Federal/State Laws
4) Allows for higher fleet uptime
5) Costs a lot less, if have an underutilized Tractor
Importantly this unit has all the same major components/ upgrades of our “Conventional” 40’ tri axle units, such as Meritor 25,000 lb. axles, Parker-1” Tough Cover Hoses, Chromium Trivalent plated 1” steel lines, etc.  It is an incredibly versatile trailer.  Because this unit has become our best selling product, we stock them for immediate shipment, with & without Tarp systems.
Looking to buy a roll off truck?  Buy a Super Mini.
Greg Brown


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