Roll off Trailer Product Improvements and features at BENLEE, including Gresen Valves, Parker hoses and more

April 1, 2015

Roll off Trailer
Product Improvements
Roll off trailer product improvements are something we take very seriously at BENLEE.  Every day we are talking to customers, suppliers and watching what is going on in the markets.  As we do that, we look for new ways to improve our roll off trailers to make them safer, more robust and lower cost to operate.  Some of the best improvements have been:
-Chromium Trivalent plated steel lines for corrosion resistance and paint adherence
-Wheel Checks on tire bolts for safety and labor savings
-3,000 lb. Parker hoses for longer life and less maintenance
-Pressure gauge on main valve for speed of checking system
-Brake control, dead man button for speed and safety
-Grease groves in bronze bushings for longer life systems
-Mud flap attachment system, Fast Flap-for safety
And for years we have had features that bring more value than most other roll off trailers for sale in the market, such as:
-1″ Hydraulics lines for speed and longer life
-Holland Mark V Landing gear for longer life
-Becket to secure cable for maintenance savings and safety
-Gresen valve V40 for longer life and less maintenance
-Hydraulics protected in frame for safety and longer
So when if comes to roll off trailers, call BENLEE for all your needs.
Greg Brown

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