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Roll Off Trailers, Safety-Important Message, including Roll off Trucks

October 7th, 2014

Roll off Truck Roll off Trailer IMPORTANT SAFETY MESSAGE A Roll off trailer and roll off truck are very safe units to operate, if operated correctly.  In recent weeks we have been made aware of 4 accidents, two involving power lines and two involving driving while hoists were in the up position.  Sadly this includes two deaths […]

Roll off Trailers for Sale

November 25th, 2013

Roll off Trailers BENLEE Roll Off Trailers Roll off Trailers are what we make here at BENLEE.  Yes we do special Roll off Trucks for people and at times we build multiple roll off trucks and dump trucks for customers.  In recent years we have started manufacturing the markets leading Open Top, Gondola Trailer Scrap Hauler […]

Roll off Parts-Truck, Trailer

February 1st, 2013

Roll off Parts Truck Trailer Roll off Parts are in stock at BENLEE.  We sell every roll off part that you would ever need.  Pins, sheaves, cables, Gresen Valves, tarps, tarp systems, cylinders, hydraulics, roller and more.  A key is we not only stock parts for same day delivery, but we make roll off trucks […]

Safety and Roll off Trailers-BENLEE

January 14th, 2012

BENLEE is a Safe place and we care greatly about safety.  I wanted to take a moment and insure that all know about a new Federal Law that went into effect 1/3/12 that bans the use of all Hand held cell phones for holders of CDL licenses, when driving a commercial vehicle.  Again, this is a […]

Roll off Truck Replacement Trailer

January 8th, 2012

Roll off Truck Replacement-Trailer Roll off Trucks are great for getting into tight spots; roll off trailers are known to be 40′ long.  BUT now the BENLEE Super Mini is only 25’11” long, so when put behind a tractor, it is about 36′ long vs. a Roll off Truck is 35′ long, but the Super Mini, when […]

Roll On Roll Off Trailer for Sale-BENLEE

January 1st, 2012

Roll on roll off Trailers is our main business.  We believe we are the Best and Biggest in the industry.  We make everything from the Super Mini which is a VERY robust, but short 25′ 11″ Roll off Trailer to just about any size you want, including the 40′ 80,000 GVW tandam axle BridgeMaster. Greg Brown […]

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