December 12, 2019

Used Lugger Trucks for Sale

Used Lugger trucks are for sale at Premier Truck Sales and Rental. Call 1-800-825-1255. They have almost new used lugger trucks for sale that are still under factory warranty.  These have BENLEE lugger hoist body.  BENLEE bought Huge Haul, who bought Heil’s Lugger business, so these are true Load Lugger (TM), lugger bodies.  Of course you can also rent a lugger truck for the month, or year at Premier Truck Sales and Rental.  They even have rent to buy programs.  If you are looking for a used Lugger truck for sale or to rent a lugger truck, call Premier.  Of course if you want are looking for a new lugger truck for sale, call us at BENLEE and yes, if you have an ACE, Universal or Converto, call us at BENLEE.  We can do a turnkey solution for you as in mount the lugger hoist on a truck body, or we can ship a lugger body to you and you or a local operation can mount the unit.  We are a dealer, distributor, manufacturer of lugger trucks, lugger hoists, so we are the #1 lugger truck manufacturer in the U.S., making lugger truck bodies.  Of course we have all the lugger truck parts you would ever need, even for Ace Lugger trucks and Converto Lugger Trucks.  We are the original Load Lugger (TM) at BENLEE.

We sell lugger trucks throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, so NY, Michigan, Texas, California, WI, TX, FL and more. Yes even North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Virginia, Illinois and Indiana.

Greg Brown


Used Lugger Trucks for sale. Rent a lugger Truck-Premier

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