Roll off Trailer for Sale-BENLEE

December 7, 2019

Roll off Trailer for Sale

Roll off trailer for sale is what we are about.  We are the #1 roll off trailer manufacturer in the U.S. We are a Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer.  We sell roll off trailers to all of Canada, including Ontario. We sell to Texas, TX, North Carolina, New York, California and more.  We sell Pup roll offs, Two box, two container, Double box. Roll off dump trailers are the same.  Sorry we do not make goose neck. We at times have used roll off trailers for sale and we can help with roll off trailers for rent.  The are heavy duty, but optimized for weight.  We sell direct to companies and have every roll off truck part or roll off trailer part you would ever need for same day pick up or shipment.  We have tandem axle, tri axle and even 7 axle, and 8 axle units.  Our Super Mini, tandem axle is #1 though, but we do make a great 7 axle unit.  Call us for a quote.  We sell to Michigan, Illinois, CT, IN, Houston, Dallas, Los Angels and more.  We make a great 80,000 GVW unit called the Bridge Master, which has become a great heavy hauler rolloff dump trailer that many scrap yards are using.  The Super Mini is a roll off truck replacement, so go to to see what we have in stock.  We have great value and prices since we sell direct and have no dealers.  We have roll off dump trailers for sale now and even some in stock.

Greg Brown


Roll off trailer for sale at BENLEE

Roll off trailers for sale

Roll off Pup trailers for sale-BENLEE

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