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May 20, 2016

Roll off Trailers-BENLEE

Call 734-722-8100

Roll off trailer manufacturer, BENLEE has trailers for sale and in stock.  We have the best selling Roll off Truck Replacement Trailer the Super Mini, that does everything a roll off truck does, but better:

-Gets into a tighter spot (Trailer is only 25′ 11″ long)

-Carries almost 50% more weight legally

-Cost less than $50,000 with FET

Of course at BENLEE we make tri axle 80,000 GVW trailers as well as 80,000 GVW trailers that are only two axles and weigh only 16,400 lbs.

Call 734-722-8100 to discuss your needs.  Importantly we have trailers in stock to ship today.  There is a reason why we are #1 in the market.  Call BENLEE for your roll off needs.

Greg Brown


BENLEE Roll off trailers for sale


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BENLEE Roll off Trailers for sale

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Roll off Trailer 80,000 GVW

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