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July 6, 2015

Roll off Trailers for Sale
Scrap Metal
Roll off trailers have many applications in scrap metal operations.
Super Mini-Roll off Truck Replacement
This is a great unit that when put behind a power unit (tractor) is only about 12″ longer than a straight roll off truck.  It carries the same 20, 30, 40 yard boxes as a straight truck, but due to the way it pivots, it gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck.  With FET, it costs about $45,000 and in most states carries about 50% more weight than a roll off truck.
These roll off trailers carry the same 20, 30, 40 yard boxes as a Super Mini, but it also carries up to a 30′ box, so about a 60 yard box.Super Mini Long

Great roll off trailers that with only two axles has a Federal Bridge of 80,000 GVW and can carry 80 yard boxes, yet it only weighs 17,500 lbs.!

Benlee Roll off trailer

Roll off Trailers-BENLEE

Roll off Trailer-BridgeMaster
Roll off trailers that can be over permitted and with its three axles is also 80,000 GVW.
Roll off trailers

Roll off Trailers-BENLEE

BENLEE Roll off trailer conventional

Roll off Trailer-Conventional
A family of roll off trailers!
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