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June 24, 2015

Open Top Trailer
Scrap Hauler
Open Top Trailer
Open Top Trailers by BENLEE are a great productivity tool.  They carry up to about 125 cubic yards in one haul.  When taking material to a shredder, or taking material out of a demo site and you need to move material quickly, using our Open Top scrap haulers are the way to go.  To see our site, click here> Scrap Hauler, Open Top,
Scrap hauler, Open Top, Benlee

BENLEE, Open Top, Gondola scrap Trailer

BENLEE, Open top scrap hauler, gondola, 734-722-8100

Open Top, Scrap Hauler, BENLEE


Of course we make a every type of roll off trailer you need, but also call us for scrap, open top trailers.
Greg Brown

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