Pup Trailer roll off for Sale at BENLEE-Call 734-722-8100

June 25, 2015

Pup Roll off Trailers
Roll off Trailers for sale
Pup roll off trailers are a key way to increase productivity by carrying two roll off boxes at one time.  Here at BENLEE we have a pup roll off trailer in stock to meet your needs.  Call us at 734-722-8100 and we can discuss the type of pup trailer you may need.  We even stock them for same day shipment or pick up.
Greg Brown

Scrap Hauler-Open Top Trailer, Gondola-BENLEE-734-722-8100

June 24, 2015

Open Top Trailer
Scrap Hauler
Open Top Trailer
Open Top Trailers by BENLEE are a great productivity tool.  They carry up to about 125 cubic yards in one haul.  When taking material to a shredder, or taking material out of a demo site and you need to move material quickly, using our Open Top scrap haulers are the way to go.  To see our site, click here> Scrap Hauler, Open Top,
Scrap hauler, Open Top, Benlee

BENLEE, Open Top, Gondola scrap Trailer

BENLEE, Open top scrap hauler, gondola, 734-722-8100

Open Top, Scrap Hauler, BENLEE


Of course we make a every type of roll off trailer you need, but also call us for scrap, open top trailers.
Greg Brown

Parker Tough Cover Hoses-734-722-8100-BENLEE

June 23, 2015

Roll off Trailer
Parker Tough Cover Hoses
Roll off trailer parts are important to keep your unit on the road.  We start with the best and we stock the best for replacement-Parker Tough Cover 3,000 lb. hydraulic hoses.  Others roll off trailer manufacturers use 2,000 lb. hoses.  We make 3,000 lb. hoses standard to you get higher up time.
Greg Brown

Tough Cover Hydraulic Hose – 482TC

Roll off Trailer hydraulic hoses, rolloff trailer parts

Parker Hose-BENLEE

Tough Cover Hose-Roll off Trailer

Parker’s 482TC hose offers a synthetic rubber inner tube that provides wide fluid compatibility. ½ minimum bend radius for ease of routing. Provides 80x abrasion resistance compared with standard rubber covered hose. Meets 100R1 specification.

Gresen Valve V40. The Best of the Best. Call 734-722-8100

June 21, 2015

Gresen Valve V40
BENLEE Trailers
3030 Ecorse Road
Romulus, MI, 48174
Gresen Valves, in our case the V40 are at the heart of our units.  Yes the are expensive, but they put up with the tough environment and pressures that our customers put their equipment through.  Gresen now owned by Parker is available globally, so service parts are easy to get anywhere.
When is comes to BENLEE we use the best of the best, Gresen!  V40. We make the best roll off trailers.  Our roll off trailers use the best systems!

gresen v40 3 41800 3 spool valve

Gresen V40 valve-BENLEE

Gresen V40 3 spool Valve
Greg  Brown

Roll Off Trailer 80,000 GVW for Sale-Call 734-722-8100

June 20, 2015

Roll off Trailer
80,000 GVW
80,000 GVW is the Federal Maximum total weight for trailers in almost all states.  Michigan and New York are the main states that with special permits you can haul more.  At times other states allow exemptions.  Michigan of course allows 6, 7 and 8 axle trailers with GVW of close to 140,000 lbs. and NY allows an annual permit of about 102,000 lbs., but as said most all others are 80,000 lbs.
At BENLEE there are two key Products to get this maximum

Conventional-Roll off Trailer-This model in a 40′ Tri axle (three axle) unit is the work horse of the BENLEE product line.  Think of it as an M1 tank.  It has the ability and it can pick up 100,000 lbs. which is totally illegal to do and it should never be done.  It can be over permitted to do this.  This unit weighs 22,000 lbs.

Trailers Roll off-Call 734-722-8100

Roll off Trailer, BENLEE

Bridge Master Roll off Trailer-model is also 40′ and with two axles can also be 80,000 GVW.  It is becoming the new standard in 80,000 GVW trailers.  It can only pick up about 60,000 lbs., which is totally illegal and should never be done.  This unit only weighs about 17,500lbs so it can carry much more weight than the conventional.

Both great units, both BENLEE.

Greg Brown
Roll off Trailers

Safety-Wheel Checks-BENLEE-Call 734-722-8100

June 20, 2015

Roll off Trailer

Wheel Checks
Safety is #1 when it comes to roll off trailers.  We install Wheel Checks on every unit we sell.  Wheel checks are great indicators of loose bolts.  A great product!
Greg Brown


Wheel-Check, Truck wheels, installation

Wheel Checks-BENLEE

Roll off Trailer, Safety wheel checks

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