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March 26, 2015

Roll off Trailer for Sale
Roll off trailers for sale at BENLEE is a key part of what we are about.  Roll off trailers are where we started.  Yes we do Dump Trailers and Open Top Scrap Gondola Hauler Trailers, but we began as a roll off trailer company.
As for our product line in Roll offs, we have every size and configuration you would ever need.
 Conventional is our most popular unit.  In a 40′ Tri axle, it is an 80,000 GVWR mega hauler that can be over permitted in some states.  It can pick up anything it is asked to do!
BridgeMaster is becoming the market’s new #1.  With only two axles and a lot less weight, this unit at 40′ is a great 80,000 GVWR Trailer and it too is a heavy hauler.  It ‘snatches’ up our 54,000 lb. test box with ease, every time.  This full framed unit is strong, robust and meant to get the job done.
Two Box, Double Container Roll off Trailer is a great unit for long hauls of two roll off boxes, or to deliver many boxes.  A great unit, meant to carry, up to two 24′ boxes.
Pup Trailer is also a great way to carry two boxes.  We make them in the basic dry (dead) version (with no lifting hydraulics), and wet (live) with the full ability to pick up and drop off boxes
Super Mini-Roll off Trailer, Roll off Truck Replacement is a game changer.  This roll off trailer is a roll off truck replacement.  It does everything a roll off truck does, but better. 
-Carries more!
-Gets into tighter spots!
-Costs a lot less!
-When not using power unit (tractor), the power unit can be carrying an open top, dump or other!
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-Super Mini Long
-Drop Deck
-Multi axle
BENLEE: The place to buy your Roll off Trailer if you are in Texas, Dallas, Chicago, California, South Carolina or more.
Greg Brown

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