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February 21, 2015

Roll off Trailers for Sale
Used Roll off Trailers for Sale
With Spring around the corner, Demolition projects and construction will be picking up, so as you look to ensure you have the equipment you need, call BENLEE.  We have roll off trailers and roll off truck replacement trailers in stock.

One of our best selling units is the Super Mini which we stock and you can have today. 

It is a Roll off Truck Replacement! 

The Super Mini:

-Gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck
-Carries more weight than a roll off truck
-Costs $100,000 less than a roll off truck
-Has a longer life than a roll off truck

-Better Capital Utilization than a roll off truck

When it comes to trailers you have a many options
1) Two Box-Double box trailers=Carry two roll off boxes at a time!
2) Conventional Roll Off=80,000 GVWR trailer that can carry extreme loads and is built to over permit for over 100,000 GVW is some states
3) BridgeMaster=The new standard in 80,000 GVW trailers.  You can carry 80,000 lb. GVW with two axles and have extreme, stability
4) Pup Trailer=With or without full hydraulics.  When needed carry two boxes
5) Drop Deck=Great for carrying liquids, due to the low center of gravity

Of course at BENLEE we also manufacture and sell Open Top Gondola Scrap Haulers from 40′-53′ that are great for carrying light iron, shreddable and more.  We even make it with Hardox to reduce weight, so you can carry more.

Lastly, remember BENLEE has every roll off part you would ever need in stock for same day shipment.

When if comes to Roll off trailers for sale, call BENLEE.

Gregory Brown

Roll off Trailers for Sale

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