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January 15, 2015

Roll off Trailer

Two Box Roll off Trailers for Sale

Two Container Trailers

Double Box Rolloff Trailers
Tandem Box Roll off Trailer

Two Box Rolloff trailers for sale at BENLEE, are in Stock for same day shipment.  Our two container roll off trailers are built like all our other products, with Safety, uptime, robustness and durability in mind.
All our trailers come with 25,000 lb. Axles, Gresen Hydraulic Valves, Parker 1″ lines and more.  Ask others.  Review their specifications!  When it comes to  a Two Container Rolloff Trailer there is a reason why BENLEE sales are growing and why we are #1 in Roll off Trailer sales; we make the industry’s leading Roll off Trailers!
Two Box roll off trailers are a great productivity tool for hauls over about 100 miles.  BENLEE units have high up time so you are always on the road and not in the shop.
Call us today for a quote on two box roll off trailers!

benlee roll off trailer double box trailer

Two Box, Roll off Trailers, BENLEE

Roll Off Trailer BENLEE Two Box, Double Container Trailer
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