Open Top Scrap Hauler, Gondola Trailers in Stock to Ship Today

December 24, 2014

Scrap Hauler Trailers for Sale
Open Top Trailers
Gondola Trailers

Open Top, Scrap Hauler Trailers are in Stock and we can ship them to you before year end, or you can come pick them up, right here in Michigan, before January 1st!
Open Top Gondola Scrap Hauler, is now one of our best selling products.  Our two most popular sizes are 48′ and 53′, so call us today.

Benlee, Scrap Hauler, Open Top Trailer

Open Top, scrap hauler, Gondola-BENLEE

Open Top Gondola Scrap Hauler by BENLEE

Gondola Scrap Hauler Trailers,

BENLEE Trailer

BENLEE Open Top Scrap Hauler Gondola Trailers
Greg Brown

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