Roll Off trailer for Sale at BENLEE Roll off Trucks for Sale.

October 13, 2014

Roll off Trailers for Sale
Roll off Trucks for Sale
Roll off trailers for sale at BENLEE are ready to go, TODAY.  In order to be the best of the best, we have a full line of products so we have the Roll off trailer for sale in stock, to ship, not tomorrow, but today for you.
Roll off Truck Replacement-Super Mini Roll off Trailer
People use roll off trucks due to they are short and maneuverable.  The Super Mini roll off trailer is:
-Just about as short, when behind a tractor. Only 25′ 11″
-Gets into a tighter spot, due to it pivots
-Carries more weight in every state, due to the way we engineering it
-Cost about $45,000, vs. $175-$200,000 for a roll off truck.
A great selling unit.  Roll off Truck replacement
Bridge Master Roll off Trailer
A robust but light, heavy hauler.  Federal Max 80,000 GVW, and due to the way we engineer it, we can do that with just two axles.  If does such a great job, we run them daily with heavy 80 Yard, 38′ Boxes in our own operations in North Carolina.  A great unit if you want to carry 20-80 yard boxes.
Conventional Roll off Trailer
Our true heavy hauler that you can over permit in some states.  It can carry just about anything you give it.  Importantly as for all our units, it will last for decades!  In the Tri Axle it is 80,000 GVW.  BENLEE #1 VIN from 1974 is still on the road.  We run a 1979 BENLEE every day at our North Carolina operation! Conventional
Two Box Roll Off Trailer
When typically driving over 100 miles on a regular basis, a two box roll off trailer is the way to go.  When it comes to a unit that can carry two, 20, 30 or 40 yard boxes, a BENLEE two box will handle the job.
Pup Roll off Trailer
If a two box trailer is not for you, consider a Pup roll off trailer.  It goes behind another roll off trailer, or a roll off truck.  You can get it with or without hydraulics.  If you want to go with the ultimate in flexibility, get a Super Mini and a dolly!  Use the Super Mini as a Pup in the morning and as a roll off truck in the afternoon.
Call BENLEE today for all your roll off trailer needs.
Greg Brown

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