Roll off trailer for Sale, Roll off Hoists, Roll off Trucks for Sale

September 25, 2014

Roll off Trailer for Sale
Roll off Truck for Sale
Roll off Hoists for Sale
Roll Off Trailer Manufacturer
The Roll off trailer is what we do at BENLEE.  We are the largest Manufacturer of Roll off Trailers in the United States and yes we sell to Canada, Mexico and more!   We also build roll off hoists for trucks, Open Top Trailers, Dump Trailers, Pup Trailers and more.  At BENLEE we build a full line of trailers.
Our Roll off Trailer come in sizes of 25′ 11″ to 48′!  For the Michigan market we build trailers up to 8 axles and for others two axles.
If you need a roll off trailer, the great news is we stock them for immediate shipment.  Order today, we ship today!  We should add that some people call them roll off dump trailers.   Either way we have a roll off trailer for you, for sale.
Importantly we are known as the Standard in the industry.  People call roll off trailers “BENLEEs”, just like people say hand me a Kleenex, due to our great robust products that have a low cost of operation and great support.
Call from Texas, Chicago and more!
Of course feel free to call me as well.
Greg Brown

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