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September 29, 2014

Roll Rite Tarp Systems
Same Day Shipment!
Roll Rite Tarp Systems and all Roll Rite parts are in stock for same day shipment.  Call us at 734-722-8100 or go to the link below and order. 
We have every part you need including popular items like Roll Rite Tarp systems motor 20120, or motor 10310, or even 10120.  We have roll rite tarp systems switches as well.  When it comes to Roll Rite Tarp System parts, call us.
Greg Brown

Roll off trailer for Sale, Roll off Hoists, Roll off Trucks for Sale

September 25, 2014

Roll off Trailer for Sale
Roll off Truck for Sale
Roll off Hoists for Sale
Roll Off Trailer Manufacturer
The Roll off trailer is what we do at BENLEE.  We are the largest Manufacturer of Roll off Trailers in the United States and yes we sell to Canada, Mexico and more!   We also build roll off hoists for trucks, Open Top Trailers, Dump Trailers, Pup Trailers and more.  At BENLEE we build a full line of trailers.
Our Roll off Trailer come in sizes of 25′ 11″ to 48′!  For the Michigan market we build trailers up to 8 axles and for others two axles.
If you need a roll off trailer, the great news is we stock them for immediate shipment.  Order today, we ship today!  We should add that some people call them roll off dump trailers.   Either way we have a roll off trailer for you, for sale.
Importantly we are known as the Standard in the industry.  People call roll off trailers “BENLEEs”, just like people say hand me a Kleenex, due to our great robust products that have a low cost of operation and great support.
Call from Texas, Chicago and more!
Of course feel free to call me as well.
Greg Brown

Canada-Roll off Trucks, Roll off Trailers for Sale, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga and more

September 16, 2014

Canadian Roll off Truck for Sale
Canadian Roll off Trailer for Sale
Canada is an important market for BENLEE and where we are makes it simple.  We are literally a few miles from Ambassador Bridge, meaning we are only minutes away from the Canadian border.
Our trailers are used in common applications such as Waste and Trash, but they are also used in the Canadian Oil Sands areas of the county and the Oil companies use our heavy duty units for long distance hauls.  Of course we are known in the scrap metal business as well.  
Why?  We support you will the latest in understanding Canadian SPIFF and RTAC laws.  
When it comes to Roll off trailers in Canada call BENLEE at 734-722-8100.
Greg Brown


Rank City Population
1 Toronto, Ontario 2,615,060
2 Montreal, Quebec 1,649,519
3 Calgary, Alberta 1,096,833
4 Ottawa, Ontario 883,391
5 Edmonton, Alberta 821,201
6 Mississauga, Ontario 713,443
7 Winnipeg, Manitoba 663,617
8 Vancouver, British Columbia 603,502
9 Brampton, Ontario 523,911
10 Hamilton, Ontario 519,949

Roll Off Trucks for Sale, Roll off Trailers for Sale

September 15, 2014

Roll off Trucks for Sale
Roll off Trailers for Sale
Roll off Trailer Manufacturer
Roll off Trucks and Roll off Trailers for Sale are what we are about at BENLEE.
An important issue though is that while we are specialists at making robust Roll off Trucks (we are building some specialty 5 axle units right now), one of our biggest businesses is building Roll off Trailers for sale that at Roll off Truck Replacements.
Why do people use Roll off Trucks?
They are short to get into tight spots (Roll off Trailers are 40′ long so with a tractor – Power unit it is about 50′). A roll off truck is about 35′ long
Not any more!!!  The BENLEE Super Mini (Roll off Truck Replacement), is 25′ 11″ Tip to tip!  This means with a day cab, the Super mini is about 36′ long, but since it pivots (tractor/trailer), it gets into a tighter spot that a roll off truck.
1) A Super Mini Trailer/Tractor is about 1′ longer that a Roll off Truck
2) A Super Mini gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck
3) A Super Mini with FET is $51,492 and a roll off truck is about  $175K-$200K+
4) When you are not using your Super Mini for the afternoon, the Power unit/Tractor (costing $130K+) can be hauling a open top, dump trailer, etc.
5) A Super Mini in most states carries about 50% more than a roll off truck.
Bottom line:  When you are looking for where is a roll off truck for sale, see BENLEE and look at a Super Mini! See:
Greg Brown

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