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August 18, 2014

Open Top Trailers for Sale
Gondola Trailers for Sale
Scrap Haulers for Sale
BENLEE, North America’s largest manufacturer of trailers for the Scrap Metal, Environmental, Waste Industry and more, has now been in production of Open Top, Scrap Hauler Trailers, Gondola Trailers for about 10 years.  BENLEE Gondola Trailers are the Super Max and Super Max LT line of Open Top Trailers.


“If you are moving large amounts of light iron, or Shreddable product to a site, these enormous and light weight units are the answer,“ said Greg Brown, President and CEO of BENLEE.  “We make these units up to 53’ Long, 102” wide and 96” high, which is the maximum size allowed by law”, he continued.   “Importantly, due to the robust design and build, we are able to fabricate these tough designs with no frame and out of Hardox™, which gives you a maximum load.


The alternative to these units are low cost, low quality and very heavy units built on 10-20 year old rebuilt chassis.  Those significantly heavier units, mean more labor, maintenance and fuel costs, due to every load carries less than if you used a BENLEE Gondola, Super Max LT.

Gondola Trailers for sale at BENLEE are even in stock for same or next day shipment!  If you want to maximize your loads meaning reduced hauling costs get a BENLEE Super Max LT Gondola Trailer.
For more information, contact: 734-722-8100
Or visit: www.benlee.com.



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