Pup Trailers-Roll off trailers

December 9, 2013

Pup Trailers-Roll off Trailers
Pup roll off trailers are a great way to increase your productivity.  You can in effect double your payload, reduce fuel costs and increase your efficiency.
At BENLEE Roll off Trailers, we make the best of the best when it comes to Pup roll off trailers.  We make the best pup trailer in the business, due to we make them with all the great components that we use such as 25,000 pound axles, 16 Ply tires, wheel checks, heavy duty winches and more.  Of course there is the best in support in that when you call BENLEE and order a part, we ship 99.9% of you order and we ship same day.
Importantly we also make “Live” pups.  Roll off Pup trailers with a full set of hydraulics.  This means that the Pup Trailer can pick up and drop off trailers, by itself. 
Importantly, we also stock Pup Roll off trailers.  Call us at 734-722-8100 and we can get you a great Roll off Pup Trailer, today!


Pup trailer, roll off trailers for sale at Benlee

Pup Trailers-BENLEE

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Roll off Trailers for Sale, in Stock, Open Top Trailers, Gondola Trailers, Roll off Hoists

December 3, 2013


At BENLEE we realize that the business climate is changing and things are moving at a faster pace.  With that in mind we have made the commitment to stock more Trailers.  We now stock the Super Mini, BridgeMaster, Conventional, Two Box, and Open Top trailers for same day shipment, or same pick up!
The Super Mini is our most popular roll off trailer so we are stocking 3-4 units. At the price of only $45,975, the Super Mini is truly a roll off truck replacement.  When hooked to a standard tractor it is less than a foot longer than a roll off truck, but because it pivots it gets into a tighter spot than a roll off truck.  If you don’t believe us you can try one through our rental program and we will even help with the rental cost!  For 1/3 the cost of a new roll off truck you can have a more versatile, longer lasting, heavy duty roll off truck replacement that can also carry almost 50% more weight legally in most states.
Our BridgeMaster is a 40′ tandem axle roll off trailer designed to payload as much as possible and run legal at 80,000GVW.  It can carry up to an 80yd container and payload up to about 20 tons!  We are now stocking these units for delivery so you can have it today!
The 40′ tri axle Conventional roll off trailer is the workhorse of the industry and can pick up extremely heavy loads.  It can also carry up to an 80yd container and can be over permitted in certain states.  If your application involves very heavy loads then the Conventional line of roll off trailers will suit your needs.
The BENLEE Two Box roll off can carry 2 containers up to 24′ long.  What makes this trailer unique to others is the container transfer system which makes is quicker and easier to operate, and has lower maintenance (less cable replacements) costs than other units in the market.  Also, the low tare weight allows you to carry more weight per trip.
Our Open Top trailers are available in lengths from 40′ to 53′ and with side heights from 4′-8′.  Our stock unit is 48′ long with 8′ sides and constructed with all Hardox ™ steel for maximum strength and low weight.  This allows for a lower tare weight for higher payloads and longer life.  At BENLEE we know the waste industry, scrap metal industry, environmental industry and demolition industry, so we build our trailers to last!





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