Roll off trailers for Sale Canada, CN

May 27, 2013

Canadian Roll off Trailers for Sale
Canada is a great expanding market for us at BENLEE.  We build roll off trailers for the Canadian market, just a few miles from Canada.  We are just over the Ambassador Bridge in Michigan, so we ship trailers to Canada monthly.  Yes we are a US company, but since we a just over the boarder, we know Canada well.  All our trailers are built to conform with all the latest SPIF laws to make the legal in all parts of Canada.  Out roll off trailers are built to the toughest standards, so that they are being used in areas for Oil Sands and we even have trailers in the U.S. in Alaska, operating in the brutal environment of Prudhoe Bay.  We ship to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa. Quebec City, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Kitchener, London and more!

Roll off trailers are our business and Canada is our markets.  Call us at 734-740-9514 and we can build a trailer for you.

Greg Brown

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