Roll off Trailer for Sale Scrap Metal, Waste

February 10, 2013

Roll off Trailer for Sale
A Roll off Trailer for sale is what we can help you with.  We actually have our best selling roll off trailer, the Super Mini (Roll off truck replacement), in stock.  You can pick it, the same day you buy it, or we can have it shipped to you.  The Super Mini, does everything a roll off truck does, but better. 
-Carries more weight legally
-Gets into a tighter spot-more maneuverable
-Costs a lot less about $50,000 with FET
-Estimated useful life 25+ years
AND when you are not using it, your “Tractor/power unit” can be hauling an open top trailer, flat bed, etc.
Call us at BENLEE for your next roll off trailer, or a roll off truck replacement!

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