Roll off trucks used for Sale

July 26, 2012

Roll off Truck Used for Sale
At times we have used roll off trucks and roll off trailers for sale, but we have none as we write this.  Business has been good, but we have a better idea at the same price or less.  We make a Roll off truck Replacement  It is called the Super Mini. It is a 25′ 11″ Roll off Trailer. 

1) Similar in Length-carries the exact same 20/30/40 (or Tall 50) yd box

2) More maneuverable-gets into tighter spots

3) Payloads more-Federal/State Laws

4) Allows for higher fleet uptime

5) Costs a lot less, if have an underutilized Tractor.

Importantly this unit has all the same major components/ upgrades of our “Conventional” 40’ tri axle units, such as ArvinMeritor 25,000 lb axles, Parker-1” Tough Cover Hoses, Chromium Trivalent plated 1” steel lines, etc. It is an incredibly versatile trailer. Because this unit has become our best selling product, we stock them for immediate shipment, with & without Tarp systems.

Greg Brown


Roll off truck used for sale

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