Used Lugger Trucks for Sale

March 12, 2020

March 12, 2020. Romulus, Michigan: Used Lugger Trucks are now for sale at Premier Truck Sales & Rental. These are great units recently back from rent that are for sale to keep our fleet fresh! These Kenworth units are still under factory warranty! The hoists are from BENLEE who acquired, Huge Haul, who acquired Heil's lugger business. The are the real Load Lugger ™ hoist body. If you have older ACE, Converto, or Universal Lugger trucks, now is the time to upgrade your units. These scrap lugger trucks are the best of the best. Premier Truck Sales & Rental can even support you with at Rent to Buy option, so you can arrange a lugger truck for rent, or rental with as said a rent to buy option. BENLEE of course has outstanding support of these trucks and importantly, if you grease the Load Lugger ™ bodies, they will last almost forever! If you are in Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, NY, Michigan, Detroit, Minnesota and more, they are all near Cleveland where these great used lugger trucks are for sale. Get a new lugger hoist and an almost new truck and buy a great used lugger truck. Every part you could ever need for these BENLEE Huge Haul, Heil units are in stock at BENLEE for same day pick up or shipment.

Greg Brown