Roll Rite Tarp Systems

Motors, Switches, Relays, Arms
Roll off Trailers, Roll off Trucks, Dump Trucks, Lugger Trucks

December 25, 2017

Roll Rite Automated Tarping Systems and Parts are all in stock at BENLEE. We ship same day or if in Michigan or Ohio, stop by and pick up tarps, motors switches, relays, arms and more. We have all you need for your Automated Covering systems by Roll Rite. This includes 10200, 10122, 10310, 10120 motors and arms like 76760 and 76770. We even stock 31050 axle bearings!

Authorized Dealer for complete installation of a tarping system for your roll off trailer, roll off truck, dump truck, flatbed and even Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailer. We install retractable systems for your trucks and trailers. We support you with a large stock of tarp gear motors, tarps and even relays like 10698 and even kits like 10914 Rite Touch rocker switch electric kit with the 10698 relay. Call us for specs, wiring diagrams and installation questions. We support the key fob and remote control systems as well and have the complete line of Super Duty gear motors in stock for your retractable systems. An Authorized Dealer of Roll Rite has Industry Leading Gear Motor Technology for Tarping. Roll-Rite leading tarp gear motor technology offers just the right gear motor including worm gear technology for your covering systems. We even have Tarp Systems for Lugger Trucks-electric tarp systems and tarp parts, tarp motors for sale. Call us at 734-722-8100.

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