Roll Off Trucks Can Be Replaced with the Industry Leading, Short Roll Off Trailer BENLEE Super Mini!

March 27, 2015

ROMULUS, Mich., March, 2015 – BENLEE's Super Mini roll off trailer is now the answer for scrap yards and waste companies that are being squeezed in cash flow and profits as commodities prices have crashed.

Roll off trailers are known to be 40' and some about 34', but imagine a 25' 11" roll off trailer that has all the power and more than that of a roll off truck and when put behind a tractor, is just about as short as a roll off truck!

Today, a tri-axle roll off truck can be $175,000++. Even a tandem is about $140,000++. If you have an underutilized tractor/power unit, you can have a Super Mini roll off trailer for about $50,000 and do everything and more than a roll off truck does. This is far from a stripped down unit. It is a full featured unit, ready to go. No options needed.

People use Roll off Trucks (not trailers & tractors), because Trucks are short/maneuverable.  Trailers alone as said above are known to be 40'! The Super Mini in most cases is a "Roll off Truck Replacement" because, the Super Mini Trailer vs. a Straight Truck is:

  1. Similar in Length-carries the exact same 20/30/40 (or Tall 50) yd. box
  2. More maneuverable-gets into tighter spots
  3. Payloads more-Federal/State Laws
  4. Allows for higher fleet uptime
  5. Costs a lot less, if have an underutilized Tractor.

Importantly this unit has all the same major components/upgrades of our "Conventional" 40' tri axle units, such as ArvinMeritor 25,000 lb. axles, Parker-1" Tough Cover Hoses, Chromium Trivalent plated 1" steel lines, etc.  It is an incredibly versatile trailer.  Because this unit has become a great selling unit, we stock them for immediate shipment, with & without Tarp systems.

BENLEE has three integrated operations:

  1. Designing and manufacturing of vehicles used in Scrap, Recycling, Waste, Demolition, Environmental, Energy, Organic and other specialty markets.
  2. Repair, Service and Frame Straightening, where vehicles can be rebuilt from the ground up.
  3. Nationally recognized Parts Operation that ships a broad range of Parts the Same Day the order is received, including from our internet Parts Store, including tarps, hydraulic valves, Cylinders, cables and all types of roll off parts. We carry Gresen, Roll Rite, Parker, Hyco, Reyco and more.

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