Roll off Trailers for Sale at BENLEE Have the Federal Maximum of 80,000 GVWR!

March 2, 2015

ROMULUS, Mich., March, 2015 – BENLEE offers two roll off trailer models to have the federal maximum of 80,000 GVWR.

BENEE roll off trailers come in all sizes and many models. In 49 States (Michigan is the exception), 80,000 lbs. GVWR is the normal limit. In some states like New York, you can get an overweight permit and carry 102,000 lbs. on a regular basis.

80,000 GVWR can easily be handed with one of two trailers at BENLEE.

Conventional-The Conventional, is the BENLEE model that for years was the workhorse of our fleet, that in a tri-axle (three axle) and a length of 40', it is 80,000 GVWR. Some like to get it with a lift axle in the front. Of course it can come with a tarp system, auto air inflate and more. Also, in states like NY, you have a steerable lift axle so you can permit this unit for 102,000 GVWR!

Roll off Trailer - BENLEE Conventional
Roll off Trailer - BENLEE Conventional

BridgeMaster-The BridgeMaster, is becoming the new BENLEE work horse. The new standard in Roll off Trailers! There is a great reason for this. It too is a powerful, 80,000 GVWR Roll off trailer, but it is able to do this with only two axles and the same 40', yet weight only 17,500 lbs. It has a full frame for outstanding stability, and you can carry more weight than a Conventional. This unit "snatches" up our 54,000 lb. on site test box, and can carry any legal load for you! We can do all this with some simple engineering, using a "stinger" tail that retracts. Think of it as the Federal Bridge of a 44' trailer, but it is only 40'!

Roll off Trailer - BENLEE BridgeMaster
Roll off Trailer - BENLEE BridgeMaster

BENLEE has three integrated operations:

  1. Designing and manufacturing of vehicles used in Scrap, Recycling, Waste, Demolition, Environmental, Energy, Organic and other specialty markets.
  2. Repair, Service and Frame Straightening, where vehicles can be rebuilt from the ground up.
  3. Nationally recognized Parts Operation that ships a broad range of Parts the Same Day the order is received, including from our internet Parts Store, including tarps, hydraulic valves, Cylinders, cables and all types of roll off parts. We carry Gresen, Roll Rite, Parker, Hyco, Reyco and more.

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