Open top scrap hauler gondola trailers from BENLEE

December 12, 2014

ROMULUS, Mich., December 12, 2014 – BENLEE, North America's largest manufacturer of Roll off Trailers and Open Top Trailers is concerned about the great margin and cost pressure in the scrap metal industry. BENLEE has a great product to reduce costs, while improving customer service.

Trucking is a major cost to the industry. Even with fuel down, the costs are high. Open Top, Gondola Scrap Haulers from BENLEE can greatly reduce your costs while improving service.

Many in the industry take old chassis and build heavy walls with bad supports to create Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailers. These units last only 6-7+ years. Others use old 40' sea containers on a chassis, which are in the shop a lot, being repaired as they get holes and 'bow' out.

BENLEE makes 45' and 53' frameless non-dumping Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailers that are strong and light, yet put up with years of abuse. At 53'L x 96"H x 102" W, this is over 130 Cu Yards.

A key application is the need to carry large amounts of material to a shredder; light iron, appliances and household material like bicycles, lawn mowers, etc. BENLEE Open Top trailers can do this job, day in and day out. Typically most scrap yards using 40' containers or heavy old chassis can carry 12-13 Gross Tons of light material. With BENLEE Open Top Gondola Scrap trailers, you can carry as much as 17+ GT of even the lightest fluffiest material. Importantly, at 53' they are a true 130+ Cu Yards, so they hold huge amounts of material. Of course they are strong enough to even throw a few cars on top or carry entire loads of cars. Imagine 17GT, vs 13GT; 30% more per load. That is an enormous amount of less hauls to the shredder!

Another major use is when doing a "fast track" demo job, as an example to meet an end of the year deadline. One of our sister companies in North Carolina, Raleigh Metal Recycling ( just teamed with a company and hauled as many as 15 loads a day of twisted and large P&S. Philip Payne the lead dispatch person at Raleigh Metal Recycling had a wide variety of trailers and boxes (including 80 yard roll offs) to do the job, but for this "fast track" project there was only one trailer to use. Using 53' BENLEE Open Top, Gondola Scrap Haulers he was able to average over 15GT per load. The demo company had a need to move fast, so using enormous, strong, but light frameless trailers, BENLEE trailers at Raleigh Metal Recycling did the job.

A key issue is BENLEE Roll off Trailers and Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailers are built to perform flawlessly in the tough environments at scrap yards. They come standard with 25,000lb axles and a highly engineered body that can be made with HARDOX steel, for top performance!

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No need to contact a local Distributor for an Open Top Gondola Scrap Trailer. We stock them for sale in Michigan for same day shipment to anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. Buy direct from the largest scrap trailer manufacturer in the United States and Canada! Importantly we have great support 24/7 for the most robust, yet optimized trailers in the industry!

BENLEE has three integrated operations:

  1. Designing and manufacturing of vehicles used in Scrap, Recycling, Trash, Demolition, Environmental, Energy, Organic and other specialty markets.
  2. Repair, Service and Frame Straightening, where vehicles can be rebuilt from the ground up.
  3. Nationally recognized Parts Operation that ships a broad range of roll off parts and dump parts the Same Day the order is received, including from our internet Parts Store, including tarps, hydraulic valves, cylinders, cables and more.

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