Roll Off Trailer Manufacturer--BENLEE Nearing 30 Upgrades to Roll Off Trailers In Recent Years

July 10, 2010


ROMULUS, Mich. – Roll off Trailer Manufacturer, BENLEE has made four additional upgrades to their Roll off Trailers in 2010. They are:

1) Added a pressure gauge to the main control valve for simple checking of the hydraulic system’s performance
2) Upgraded to “Beehive style” rear brake marker light, for greater visibility of rear of trailer
3) Added a robust shield to the license plate light to protect the light from damage
4) Added grease zerks in the trailer King Pin plate for ease and simplicity of greasing the tractor fifth wheel plate, without removing the trailer

These items add to the previous upgrades such as:

-Use of Chromium Trivalent plating on steel lines for longer life, due to corrosion resistance and paint adherence
-Added a secondary air filter to ABS system for extra 100,000 mile warrantee
-Added WHEEL-CHECKs (highly visible ‘pointers’) to wheel lug nuts so as to reduce need to check torque of bolts

“Importantly, all of the above are exclusive features with real benefits to our customers” said Greg Brown CEO of BENLEE. “The BENLEE staff continues to work hard to find new ways to improve our products”, he continued. “BENLEE has always been known for great products. The key is, we have improved them and will continue to improve them.”

The Roll off industry continues to grow and BENLEE already known as the largest manufacturer of roll off trailers in N.A. continues to gain market share not only due to market improvements, but due to new products, including the new Two Box Trailer that has no winches and the ever more popular Super Mini Roll off Trailer, the Roll off Truck replacement trailer that does everything a roll off truck does, but better.


Roll off Trailers, Crushed Car Trailers, Open Top Trailers and Dumps are what BENLEE is about.  BENLEE operates across North America, including Canada, Alaska, and Mexico and has shipped to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The company has three integrated operations

1) Designing and building Roll off Trailers, crushed Car Trailers, Open Top Trailers and Dump Trailers. 
2) Repair, Service and a Rebuilding operation, where vehicles can be rebuilt from the ground up,
3) Nationally recognized Parts Operation that ships a broad range of Parts the Same Day the order is received.

BENLEE is the leader in providing 24/7 Support, including trouble-shooting and access to Parts for Roll off Trailers, Dump Trailers and more.  Products include Roll off Trailers, Roll Off Trucks, Dump Trailers and Trucks, Crushed Car Trailers, Specialty vehicles and Containers. BENLEE also arranges to Rent Roll off Trailers.  Additional company information is available at