Gondola Trailers for Sale, Scrap Hauler

November 27, 2020

Gondola Trailers are for sale at BENLEE. We are a dealer, manufacturer that sells direct to give you the best service. We make these scrap metal haulers out of Hardox 450, which makes them strong, but light, with great uptime and low owning and operating costs. The most common sizes are 45’, 48’ and 53’, with 8’ high side walls. Of course, we can make other sizes. The 48’ and 53’ are 80,000 GVW, but yes, we can make the with lift axles and in 3 and 4 axle version, so when you are looking for Gondola Trailers for sale, call us at 734-722-8100. Importantly, we stock these units in 48’ long and 8’ high walls with two axles, tandem axle, so these scrap hauling trailers are ready to go. These high sided trailers are great for carrying light iron and Shreddable. Yes, you can even throw some cars on top, so these scrap metal trailers are the best of the best. Sorry we do not have a used gondola trailers in stock, but if are looking for an Open top scrap hauler we are the place. Sorry these are not Dump Trailers, but yes, we make those as well!

If you are in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, Michigan, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and more call us. We ship these to Canada all the time, to Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto, Vancouver and more.

You are always welcome to come by BENLEE at 30383 Ecorse Rd., Romulus, MI, 48174 to see our inventory, see these units in stock! The best of the best in a Gondola Scrap Trailer. Call us for a quote or you can even go on line at Gondola Trailer and fill out, a request for quote form. Yes, we can make these with disc brakes, tarp systems and more.